Tuesday, April 03, 2007


Something Going On Around Here

Hint #1
Originally uploaded by Rabbitch.

And here is Hint #1.

Drawn by my husband.

Girl's gotta have a logo, don't she? And a resident artist, if she can get one.

You're creating a fish based dye because the sheep douche odor didn't quite manage to drive away all of your neighbours?
YOUR HUSBAND DREW THAT????? I want to borrow him!!! You know, for the art.

INTERESTING: My confirmation letters are:

baajlmv. The baaaa part is the interesting part, in case you missed that.
Electric Sheep Douche the colorway will return????
You're starting a real store? Well, on the internet. You know what I mean.
You've decapitated your husband and are now trying to render his severed head?

You're preparing to dye your hair?

You're making head cheese?

Sorry - those are my best guesses!
That's one stacked rabbit.
You're dyeing the sheep before it's been sheared? Saves a step, I guess.
Hmmmmmmmm, a rabbit with a mangled, boiled head....
Now I'm wondering if my friend Mary will let me dye some of those little lambs she has on the hoof, so to speak... I'll just point her to your site so she knows it can be done.w
You've purchased a herd of sheep and will be developing colorways based on the entire fleece. I'm trying to imagine how the presence of sheep poop might affect this, though....
You're giving Dolores a dye job and selling the proceeds to raise money for charity.
Love it! Anything that dispels the cute, fluffy, cuddly bunny myth is OK by me :)
Ohgawd - how perfect! The expression on the sheep's face--! And I notice you-the-rabbit are performing one very important action many forget. Can't get the job done if you don't stick your tongue out right. Hubby did a good job. Although your customers may end up going into hiccups from laughing outrageously.
Hmm, a logo, of a rabbit dying wool. I would have to guess you are getting more 'official' with the yarn stuff.
That's awesome! (both the logo, and the reason for the logo)...

.. lemme know when you're ready for some audio advertising :)
I'm having the same response as Jodi - nice rack on that bunny.
OMG, that's funny! I don't know why some people think the bunny [a shapely bunny at that] is dipping just a head into the pot of dye. I can totally see he's/she's being held by her little black legs, LOL. Just keep the back-end up out of the dye to avoid the issues of sheep poop infestation. Your hubby did a great job and the logo is so YOU. ;-)
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