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Some of What's Happening

Well, kiddies, there seems to be an immense amount of stuff going on in my life, most of it good. There have been a couple of new battles come up but I'm all through taking shit. I feel like I have nothing left to lose on any front and I'm just not willing to negotiate or shut up any more.

I've taken fairly serious action against the people who have been causing me angst. The first circumstance may well result in one person being fired, and not before time. The second definitely will result in another person experiencing some fairly uncomfortable times with Revenue Canada. The third? Well, let's just say if you work for a charity for five years and then give them two months' notice, and they don't even say goodbye, so long, don't let the door hit you on the ass on the way out, then they shouldn't be surprised if they find the four or five vanloads of stuff you've been storing for them, free of charge, in the landfill pretty quickly.

Cranky much? Perhaps so. But I'm just not terribly interested in being stepped on a lot longer.

And now for the good stuff. I have been in discussion with The Place From Whence All Good Things Flow and it would seem that I'm going to be filling up their entire north window for the month of May with my little bits of coloured sheepstring. Not quite sure how it's all going to work but the gist of it is I dress the window, (no, not dress in the window, thank FSM) people go in to look at my "stuff" (which, again thankfully, is not the same stuff that people would be seeing if I was dressing in the window), Birkeland hands out business cards and price lists, I sell my thangs. Not sure yet if anything will be for sale actually out of the window during the month of May, in which case I'm going to have to dye a hell of a lot more than I was planning on, or if everyone will have to wait until the end of May, but if you're in the neighbourhood please do take a stroll past and ogle the goods, as it were, some time during that month.

There's a lot more going on, but that'll just have to be the teaser for now. Here's some of what I've been dyeing and which will be in the window, in a somewhat less tangled state, in May. (It's drying now. I don't really leave stuff lying about looking like this for months. Unless I forget to do anything with it.)

It's Red, Jim
Originally uploaded by Rabbitch.

Do Not Go Magentally
Originally uploaded by Rabbitch.

Not Too Bee
Originally uploaded by Rabbitch.

Congratulations, that's so cool! You're going to be a true and recognized Mistress of the Dyes! And about time you moved on from that job - they're the ones losing out, and you'll get to recover from the stress (not to mention catching up on sleep?)
I've been loving the illustrations the past few days - will they grace your wool?
rabbitch, you rock!

i'm so pleased that you're getting the hell outta dodge (er, whatever your erstwhile place of underemployment) and into the next phase of your life.

as for landfilling the vanloads, is there nothing worth selling for the value of storage? or can you at least not make THEM haul their crap away?

i agree w/those who have complimented your huz on the illustrations. the third would be great on a ball band!

good luck!

-- a. nonnie mouse
Congratulations, indeed - that's wonderful! Hurray for you. Hurray for kicking butt and naming names. Hurray for Birkeland Wool. Hurray for dressing in-- Wups, dressing the window. May you sell miles of yarn!

And oh, those names. "It's Red, Jim." ::falls over, snorting:: Plus "Not To Bee", which despite my not being all that fond of orange, I find madly glorious. Yum!
Best of luck with your "display." If anyone can display it for what's it worth, I'm sure it'll be you. =)

And Birkeland is such a wonderful store to boot!
Holy crap, remind me not to get on your bad side.

Can you sell the crap on Ebay? Plus invoice the charity for the customary storage fee for 4 months at a commercial storage facility.

Good luck cleaning house (metaphorically -- I know how much you clean your real one) and kicking ass.

I am always tempted to call a red skein "Sanitary Napkin" but I'm afraid it will attract the wrong kind of clientele.

i love the skein names :) they are hilarious. I am glad too, that things are changing with your other situations, whatever they may be :)
I'm really taking a fancy to Not To Bee.

Good luck with getting the house de-moused and de-filed...?!? Er um... cleaned that's it cleaned.
Good for you all around! Nobody should settle for being a professional doormat.
YAY! Way to go, Rabbitch. Good for you not putting up with any more shit. You certainly deserve to be treated better than you have been!

Congratulations on dressing in the window, I mean dressing the window for the month. Can't wait to hear what else is going on.
Do not go magentally into that good night... ;) Go for it lady!

It's red Jim....and I'm a doctor, not a floorwax! (Bonus points if you get the reference.)
Good for you! *applause*

I'm so jealous of your yarn-naming abilities. I'm supposed to be the creative one in the family, and I just name colors for what they are. I'd love to start dyeing and selling yarn in my etsy store, but I have no clever names.
Yay! Can't wait to see your window display since it will be in my new 'hood! BIG CONGRATS!
Yes, dump the crap. They've dumped on you; you dump on them.

Many many good wishes on your new adventure. The toons would look lovely on your skeins.
That sounds better !
How are you enjoying Eddie Reader ?

Yippee for you crazy Rabbitch Lady! This is a step on the road to utter dementia that I am SO GLAD you are taking. That is partly because I am afraid of being alone and mostly because - when one is operating full time in the realm of 'change a color, change the world' - it pays to have others to turn to. You are awesome!
Congratulations on the dye display! That's wonderful!
congratulations! i'm way behind in the blog reading but i'm very happy for you!
Let's see...
Congrats on getting out from under the stress, give 'em forty types of Hell's vinegar!

Love the colors, LOVE the names...

Hope the window dressing gets you fame and fortune, too!

Have a great one,
Yay, I'm so happy for you! I'm glad things are looking up, and you're taking charge. Good luck filling all of the orders you're going to get from the display window! HeeHee. Should keep you busy and out of trouble!
1. Exciting! The window-ful sounds like a really good thing.

2. Not Too Bee is lovely.
There's an old Irish saying: "Do a man a favor and you have made an enemy for life." There are far too many people out there willing to take advantage and then slap your face for your trouble. Good on you for calling a halt to it.
I went to Birkeland Brothers today for the first time. Most yummy and I totally screwed my yarn diet. I'll definitely be back in May to ogle your goods ma'am!
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