Monday, April 16, 2007


Sock It To Me

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Yes, I know, I was supposed to blog this weekend but I was busy, and then I was going to lie and choose Sunday night for the date of this post but stinking flickr dates the pictures and, well, ok, now you know I'm the sort to lie about these things.

I ain't got nothing much for you, but I have proof that I still knit. Behold, one sock. The second is about 3/4 done.

It's the Seabury Sock (free) pattern. I started this to use up a skein of C220 given to me a year or two back by Gaile and realized part-way through the first sock that I had exactly HALF of the amount of yarn needed for the pattern as it was originally written. I chose to make it a very short ankle sock, instead, and use these as "keep-your-feet-warm-at-the-computer" socks rather than "hiking-through-the-back-country" socks. Seeing I spend a lot more time at the computer than hiking through the back country I thought it was a reasonable choice.

And now, I'm off to drink beer and knit on the endless soul-sucking mitred-square blanket my daughter made me promise to make her. Ooh! I've finished the one I was making last year. Maybe there'll be more pictures tomorrow.

And an update on all of the other insane stuff I'm planning on doing with all of this wool I'm dyeing ...

Sweet FSM- KNITTING on RABBITCH's blog! Call the ministry!!!
*falls over*
I'm just discovering the beauty of worsted weight socks myself. The knitting goes so fast! I could use me some warmer socks anyway. I hope they will still fit in my shoes.

Yours look great, even if they had to be shorter than originally intended.
Nice sock! What does "Sweet FSM" mean? And remember, the more the mitered blanket sucks from your soul, the more you must love your daughter =) heehee
Nice socks! Do you do all you own modelling? :-)
I really like the colour is that electric blue?
Nice socks, sister. One day I will make a pair for myself.
And good job on the work battle. I was to resolve mine on Wednesday but It looks like it'll have to wait a week. Wish me luck!
Very nicely done!

I got some matching yarn and I Am Not Counting It!
Mmmm, socky goodness!
Fun, I knit worsted socks quite often. They are quick, and cosy, and great for wearing around the house. I think they fit in my rain boots, but that's about it. I have several unfinished pair even as we speak. My husband is bitter about his unfinished pair. He fears (rightly) that I will knit my Sockapalooza socks long before finishing his.

Cool! My word verification is Y Yoga.

Why indeed, when you can knit?
FSM Flying Spaghetti Monster
excellent! glad you found a good use for it. THey look comfy!
Heya..i sent an email to you at the hatwench addy. Dunno if that's the right one or not :)
Nice socks..but i wanna see some new yarn now that i'm not on a yarn diet!
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