Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Send In The Maureens

My daughter has a unique accent, I don't quite know what it is ... she pronounces "bag" as "baig" and there are a few other words that have to be some sort of combination of my Scottish/Canadian accent and her dad's American pronunciation, but the funniest of all happened tonight.

I was trying to get her into bed, which is a full-contact sport around here, and I had threatened her with all sorts of horrible things like being stuck in the shed (which we don't have) with the weasels (which we also don't have) and so on, and then finally I said "If you don't get IN that bed and LIE right down (I think I was frothing at the mouth a bit at this point) I shall SEND IN YOUR FATHER and he USED TO BE A MARINE!"

And she said "Yes, I know my dad was a Maureen."

And then all of a sudden I had this vision (it's fun to live in my head, honest) of a band of big burly buff men, in print house dresses and combat boots, brandishing rolling pins and marching into battle.

We are the Maureens!

Semper pie and all that.

LOL, sounds like a Monty Python sketch. Maybe you should team up with Eric Idle & John Cleese.
*nod, nod, wink, wink*
I'm sure it was really really hard to threaten her with that while giggle-snorting madly, huh?
My son's trip to the zoo and the word "Fuh-blingos" (flamingos) had me picturing gangsta flamingos wearing too much jewelry.. its fun to live in my head to.. but you knew that already.
Mmmmmmmm . . . pie!
There WILL come a time (I'm thinking teen years here) when you'll have to send in the Maureens to get her OUT of bed, woman!
You know, I think it probably is great fun to live in your head ;)

I'm just glad that you share what's in there with us!
Thank you. I needed that. My uncle used to be in the Royal Maureens - he'd probably suit the dress.
You need to keep your archives very secure so later, when you need to embarrass her (like when a boy is coming over or something) you can haul these out and make him read them.
Baig seems to be a northern US thing too - my stepdaughter in Montana says it, as does a friend from Minnesota. Does she say melk too?
Somewhere on the 'net is a regional accent quiz. I don't know if it takes into account Canadian regions or if it is xenocentric and thus limited to American regions. I took the quiz and it completely nailed my location. It said "you're as Philly as a cheesecake."

Now, see, when I picture the Maureens, I picture a gaggle of bonny Irish lassies with red hair and freckles, like Lindsay Lohan but not slutty or drunk.
I love it! As a Canadian ex-Pat living just south of you near Seattle, I don't think I can look at another Marine without grinning in sweet rememberance of your post.
Semper Pie, indeed!
This so so funny.

My daughter's name is Maureen. I can't tell you how many times she's told people her name, and they've looked at her like she was crazy, saying - "Your name is WHAT? MARINE?" LOL
I let out a cackle that made my coworkers look at me like I had lost my mind. Like I hadn't already. Thanks for the laugh.
you think that's bad, you should have heard me and a friend go off about another friend who goes between montreal and omaha, and the reasons why, and what her guinea pig REALLY is. lol
Semper Pie? OMG. There are no words. I literally have tears... TEARS streaming down my face.
That's odd, Carol...I pictured them as slutty AND drunk.
Thanks for the vision.....glad I put down the coffee before I read it, though! ;)
with curlers in their hair.

What kind of pie? I hope it's blueberry.
Not only do I have the picture of the Maureens in my head, but also the Fuh-Blingos!
30 Helens agree that it's best not to cross a Maureen.

My grandma used to say "baig" and "warsh-raig". When she answered the phone, she said, "HAIL-o!" (it didn't sound the same as "halo") and when she was thinking, instead of saying "well", she'd say, "Waaaaail..."

"Semper PIE" was the freakin' killer--you're funny!
Holy shit!
I'm laughing so hard I can hardly type! All I can think of is John Cleese in a wonderful flowered print, goose-stepping with an M-16 singing "From the Halls of my Ba-ZOO-OMA's to the shores of the LA- trine"...(intense visual here!)
That was certainly enough to get me out of my ELE-FUNK.
My teenager has all sorts of funky words that she says:

"foal" = full
"tore" = tour
fragrance comes out with the word "rag" in it, instead of "fray-grance"
She says "kiwi" with the first "i" sounding like the I in "git"
There are so many more and I can't think of all of them!

I also have a friend who says "baig" - funniest thing ever!
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