Monday, April 23, 2007



I just bought a domain name and hosting thingie.

Now to try to figure out how to do this.

If someone would like to come over here and kill me in my sleep that would likely work well for me.


( ... and there won't be anything there for at least a week or two, possibly as long as a month, as I take care of my other obligations first)

I felt the same way when I bought both of my domains and the server space to host them.. the initial "oh shit" factor wears off a little bit as time goes on.
I need to purchase one as well, but don't have the first idea how to set up a web site..
hehehehe I was literally sick for a week when I bought mine. It's not a fiber related site. I make sig tags for people to use in e-mails. Yeah, I'm dingy. I pay for a site and domain name for something that I make no money at. hehehe Shoulda saved the money and bought more yarn. :P
Can I just say that I am SHOCKED that you have chosen such a tame, restrained domain name? What, you don't think that your adoring fans will buy your yarn if you don't look all prosh? Heh.. where's the bitchy rabbit we know and love?

I wouldn't have any idea what to do with a domain name, but I'll look forward to checking in on yours. Congratz! You're constantly doing something new. =)
congratulations! I just didn't realize you found the other 10 hours in the day! When do you sleep? Do you sleep? Do you eat? Do you wear sox? On a fox?

WTF? I need coffee.
If you figure it out, can you let me know? please?
You do realize with a name like that you will probably attract a 'mainstream' audience, are you ready for that.

Seriously, good luck and congratulations.
Excellent! Congratulations! I'm really looking forward to it.

(No pressure--I can look forward to it for as long as it takes).
I'm with Christa in being a bit startled at your name choice. Not disapproving mind you, just didn't expect something so, um, normal. It sounds all professional and business-like though so you should do well. I'm suprised a domain like that was still available.

I'm rootin' for ya.
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