Wednesday, April 04, 2007


More Somethings Going On

Hint #2
Originally uploaded by Rabbitch.

Really, I'm tired and I gots nothing to say. Just thought I'd amuse you with a little more brilliance.

This sort of thing is the reason I don't kill him and bury him in the woods.

Heh. Almost said "bury him in the wools".

That's only cuz most of our family members are already buried in the wools.
Dude.. that's awesome! I love the look on their faces.. sheer terror! (Shear terror?)
Love it. It's a house full of talent (and wool)!
Ok, Hi I'm Debbi and I've been reading your blog for months, so I thought it was time to come out of hiding. :)
First off, I have to say - WOOHOO for you! Can't wait to see more about "what's going on"!! I also want to tell you how much I enjoy your blog. You remind me of me sometimes. Is that scary? sorry - anywho...Love the logos!
Ha! I like this one even more than the first.
I'm delurking to ask, does this mean you're starting your own full-time business and getting away from the awful, unmentionable work stuff? Love the logos!
What a talented household you have.
(don't bury 'im in the woods---that's the first place they look!)
Great art work!

Hope you're able to get some sleep.

Sweeeeeeeeeeet! I like where it seems this is going...
You're dyeing sheep for Easter instead of eggs?
Another lurker popping up to say Congrats on where this seems to be going!
Heh. He's really quite good. Looks like you 'n everything. Maybe he could rake in some extra bucks freelancing for the likes of "Spin-Off" magazine? Hey, it's worth a try.
Nice boobage!

Does this mean that some day soon, I'll click "Rabbits dye wool" and there'll be an update???
ROFL - what Mouse said! Oh, the terror!

Looks like Franklin has a rival. ;) And y'know, he keeps turning 'em out like this, you could pull a Google. Use different logos for special occasions, or sales, or-- Whatever. As long as your contact info is the same, and it's always rabbit/sheep for the recognition factor, variety could be good. Heck, you might even get people wanting to collect your business cards or whatever. Have a line of notecards. All sortsa stuff.

(Gahhhh. Don't *ever* let your kids work in advertising for their first job. Or third. Even as a sackatary. That shite's insidious.)
I'm diggin' the 'toons! I can't wait to read what's up on your end!
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