Monday, April 02, 2007


Lucky Rabbit's Foot

Dead Rat
Originally uploaded by Rabbitch.

There are compensations for having dead rats all over your house (shut up, I threw them all out, honest). One of the compensations is that if you happen to have a really warped friend, you may end up with your very own Dead Rat colourway.

Please note, this is "NR", which Carol explained to me means "No Repeats". Just in case I wanted, like, an entire Dead Rat shawl.

Guess who's getting her very own Dead Rat Socks this summer? (Me, not her, I'm not that nice).

Right after I knit up that cashmere. I know that I shouldn't make socks out of it but I promise to never walk in them. I'll just wear them when I'm riding around in convertibles, waving my feet out the side of the car or something.

Fine photography. I assume your readers are astute enough (or have a good enough memory) that we need not point out the significance of the colors? red, ivory, yellow, brown/gray?

No, no matter how much anybody begs, no more Dead Rat colourway. (See i added the extra "u" in honor of Canada Day. Or whatever.) I have the matching skein and shan't part with it for love or money.
Pish. Over on my blog, I have photos of real dead rats.
I am so bummed, who wouldn't want a skein of yarn in a dead rat colourway? I'm going to pout all day...
Hee. Almost had a dead mouse last night. But after I while I started to feel guilty about letting the cat terrorize the wee thing and caught it and released it outside.

Though in retrospect, as it was a house mouse, perhaps kinder to let the cat give it a heart attack.

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