Tuesday, April 10, 2007


If We Can Make It Fly ...

If We Can Make It Fly ...
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I was talking to His Drawingness last night, after watching two movies (both were fantastic, reviews to follow at some point unless I lose interest) and said, "You know, if we can make this wool thing fly, you might not have to keep going to that Workplace of Ass" (his work is worse than mine. Mine is temporarily bad, but his is chronic.

And so ... well ... I present to you another cartoon ...

*dies laughing* FLY- "Wool Thing".. FLY!
If his chronicly bad workplace doesn't involve illustration.. he should damn well quit and go freelance, those pics are all awesome!!
Spurs! Brilliant!
Workplace of Ass? Damn, I thought you were Canadian - I had no idea your DH was commuting all the way down here to Tucson to work in my building.
Glad to see your husband can turn a phrase, too. But I still think that there has been too much restrain on your part. Let's see some really creative cussing.
All that's missing is the propeller beanie!

I love it!
The Maureens really gave me a laugh.

I'm checking out your blog on a knitter friend's recommendation. I just starting dyeing sheepy strings and selling them from my blog. It is going well.

I couldn't resist commenting when I saw that you were going to have a window display at Birkelands! I'm there all the time (I live in the lower mainland too). Can't wait to see your yarn in May. Oh, and I could tell you a very funny story about the day I went there to buy my swift.
::loud snorking noises:: Ohgawd, the spurs! I agree with Christa - if he's not freelancing, do it. He's as good as Franklin. And you could so totally sell a line of notecards, too. Posters. Mugs. Magnets. T-shirts. Let the Rabbitch Empire begin!
Laughing hurts when you do it this hard. LOVE the drawing!
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