Friday, April 13, 2007


I Win

Seems I've won my battle at work.

Three months too late to avoid trashing a good portion of my year, and three months too late to retain anything approaching loyalty, but at least it's happening.

Allegedly. I'll know for sure in two weeks.

And now to go shower and stagger in to work and pretend to be interested. And knit another sock. I still knit, honest. There may even be photos tomorrow, for all I know. And further details about yarny goodness.

And then maybe I'll gird my loins, and all, and wade into the next battle. Because who doesn't like a nicely-girded loin?

Good-o. You should always win.
And knit. And post.
Ohhhhhhhh I hope I hope I hope I hope I hope it's true. Work crap shouldn't happen and when it does the perpetrators get what they deserve.

Nicely girded loins are very good.
heh heh, you said 'loins'. snicker.
Fingers crossed that it's not a LIE. Hopehopehopehopehope. XO
I love a good loin girding. And a well-girded loin. Anyone else thinking of the movie "300"? (No offense, Rabbitch my dear)
Congrats! I still remember the lovely feeling I got when I heard that my asshole boss finally got fired, about five months after I gave up and quit. Wheeee!
Huzzah! You're a winner! Way to stick it out and fight for justice! =) Are you going to knit your loin girdle?
Congratulations!!!! Winnng at work is no easy feat. I would drink a toast to you, but I ran out of beer, so please, drink an extra beer on my behalf to celebrate your victory! (I know it's a bit too late and a bit too little, but at least dealing with the issues that caused the battle in the first place are gone.)

Bottoms up!
[hmmm, wonder what googling weirdos will find your blog now]

how lovely to see comeuppance come to pass, dear rabbitch.

and how much lovelier when you can walk away from it all to do your own thing.

after all, living well is the best revenge!

-- a. nonnie mouse
Congratulations, babe!

Nicely girded loins? Who could resist? I'll bring dessert and be there at 7 sharp.
I'd be cackling if it were me. Sweet, sweet revenge. I like it cold with soy sauce.
So great to hear that the work ick seems to be subsiding. Now off for more knitting eh, and girding loins apparently. Hopefully this won't be too weird, I'm a bit stuffed up and out of it with a nasty cold today. Luckily, germs don't pass on the interwebs.
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