Friday, April 27, 2007


Going To Ground

I don't think you'll be hearing much from me until about Tuesday. I'm working a double shift tonight (10pm tonight to 4pm tomorrow afternoon) and then a day shift on Sunday, plus and also too I've got to get everything ready for the window at Birkeland.

I'm sure nobody has any great need to listen to me alternately whining and screaming and I strongly suspect that's most of what's going to be going on around here for the next few days.

I'll try and post a few wool pictures, if nothing else.

And to amuse you in the meantime, the latest searches that have brought people my way:

a) irish girl big red freckles an accent picture kid
b) whore quiz
c) japan ass
d) nicest butt
e) duck jokes hockey

and last but not least

f) ice cream bars on a fucking stick

It's nice to know that there's something here for everyone.

Hmmm, so does that make you an Irish whore girl with big red freckles, whose Japan ass is the nicest butt around and who eats ice cream bars on a fucking stick?

Try to squeeze at least a little sleep into the next few days!
One can't help but laugh their head off at some of the things people are searching for!
"One can't help but laugh their head off..." maybe THAT'S what happened to it. Seriously. Somebody stole your picture.
Oh, whore quiz, that was me! Sorry.
I want a fucking stick. Are they battery operated?
Christ, all I manage to get are searches for kilts, thistle tattoos, and bedwetting.
JTFC AND Ice Cream Bar on a Fucking Stick? Now I've got 2 to choose from!

Thank you!

Hey, I may have a quicky job for Mr. Artist. Does he do commission work?
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