Thursday, April 05, 2007


The Final Clue

Hint #3
Originally uploaded by Rabbitch.

Here we go, the third and final drawing. This one makes me gigglesnort quite madly.

Rushing about, trying for the third day, seventh in-person visit and second phone call, to complete what should have been a 20-minute tax preparation process. Oh, and I somehow have to clone myself so that the phone company can come fix my phone when I'm not available.

Hopefully real blogging tomorrow, but if not, stay tuned for a weekend of madness.

Gawd I wish I had an extra pair of appendages that could knit while my hands did other things.
So, how many sheep did you buy, anyway?
Send Psychotropic Medications?
Yep, yer buying sheep. Sheep that eat rats (if Rabbitch can multi-task, so can they).
I love that one! Wish I had a resident artist :)
Tell your husband that those drawings ROCK!
So I take it we should be sending you a shepherd's crook for your birthday? Or a border collie?
I love the third cartoon best of all. I may not be the rabbitch but I think I know how she feels in that one.
So, when will the store be opened? I love your work and can't wait to see what you'll be offering...

It must be something in the air, our phone just died out last night too. I'm pretty pissed, this is the 2nd time in 2 weeks its happened.
You know, I'm kind of in the mood for a drunken rant.
Looks like you have your own private source of wool now. Between the dying and the spinning, all that fiber must be coming from your own backyard!

BTW, your hubby is a clever artist.
My favorite drawing so far! I love how chaotic it looks! I can totally relate! So, sheep eh? How fun! Can't wait to see more!...
i have my suspicions about what these clues mean, but since everyone else has guessed what I have guessed... I will just say that I think your husband is very talented :) I was an illustration major at junior college, so I can really appreciate what he is capable of. (its nice to have a reason not to bury his body too...)
Sheep, huh? Are you planning on walking it around the hood on a leash and letting it live in the house with you? That's what I'd think a Rabbitch would do. Interesting....
Oh, I wish I could knit with my ears and leave my hands free to do other things. I could then knit while cooking, working, driving, etc. I could get so much more done!
Oh gawd. The ears, the ears!! Dyeing, handspinning, knitting... What, you're not gonna use the loom? [eg]

Notecards. Must have notecards, too, with those logos. Because seriously, I simply have to write someone on hysterical notecards with those cartoons. And I haven't written anything to go via snailmail more than a few times a year since 1991, mind you. But must. Have. Notecards. Pretty please with virtual liqueur-filled chocolates? (Sorry, virtual it must be, budget's tight this month.)
Okay, I think I like this one the best.
I'm voting for a quarterly comic book, "The Adventures of Rabbitch in Woolyland." The startled looks on the sheep faces are just too much, and add another vote for notecards, esp. of the second and third drawings.
am i correct in assuming t his has something to do with the windowdressing?
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