Sunday, April 01, 2007


Dearth of DPNs

I have wool. Yes, I know you find that startling but it's true.

Specifically, I have some DK cashmere in a lovely salmon colour that I really REALLY want to make into socks.

According to a couple of places I looked online, one should use about a US #4 (3.5mm) needle for yarn of this weight.

So I dug out all of my DPNs and, out of about 75 of them (yes, really. Shut up) I apparently have exactly ONE needle that size. And that isn't going to make nobody no socks, nohow.

I'm headed up to my mother's for dinner but I'm pretty sure I've already swiped all of her DPNs 'cause she can't knit much any more (although you can rest assured that rummaging shall occur, just in case).

And no, I don't have two circs that size either (and if I did I wouldn't want to use them for socks anyhow, 'cause I don't much like the look of that method).

Seventy-five DPNS. And only one #4. It defies understanding. And, clearly, pisses me off a lot.

If you'll excuse me, I'm going to go kill something now.

ps yes I could buy some and likely shall do so tomorrow, or even later tonight, but I want to cast on NOW and the needles are at the store way over THERE

I'm pouting

Remember that you want socks to be knit densely so that they wear better.

IOW: use 3s.

I agree with Ann; I usually use size 3's. I used to use the size called for (4's) and they just really are better with the 3's.
I can't weigh in on the size 3 vs. 4 discussion, as I'm a loose knitter (heehee) and would probably have to use 2s. But I would loan you my dpns if I could get them there fast enough.
Here's hoping you find the right size in your mum's stash...
No doubt if you buy a set, the missing size 4's will turn up within days.
I agree - if you can't get to a store, use 3's (as long as these are generic socks that you can adjust to gauge). I've knit / designed whole sweaters at a slightly tighter gauge than I initially intended due to needle shortages, because I don't have an LYS. A half millimetre smaller is always preferable to a half mm larger IMHO.
I say take a chance, go with the 3's and see how the sock fits after a few inches. Consider it a swatch and adjust, if needed.
Well, when I first saw the title of this post, I thought it said "Death of DPN's" - which I could totally relate to. Which is why I have seven size 2 sock needles.
Keep in mind that cashmere is not as strong as wool, so the more dense the better...try US3, 48 stitches should do it.
Are you sure you want to knit socks out of cashmere? Or does it have some nylon in it too? If it's pure cashmere, they will wear into holes instantly, no matter how closely how knit them (it?). I am the voice of experience.
I was going to say what Helen said about the instant holes, but thought you'd knit them anyway, if you wanted to. Go with size 3 (or 2) dpns!

Apparently the word is out that my house is a sanctuary for size 4 dpns. They've migrated in droves. I have at minimum 20 of them. Do you hear me? TWENTY. AT MINIMUM. (I got dizzy & lost count last I checked them.) It seems that for about a month & a half while my LYS was going out of business & I was visiting weekly to help liquidate inventory I kept picking up a set, mistakenly thinking my house was 4-less. Oy.

I vote for trying 3's. I wish they would all agree to just ID with the mm measurement instead!
Here's another vote for trying out the 3s. At least it'll give you something to do before you head to the store for some 4s.

I just looked at my Beer Cup of DPNs and I don't have any 4s. Otherwise I'd mail you some.
I have 4s, I am sure of it. Want mine? I am DPN challenged. Seriously. Email me. We'll talk.
I'm laughing at, er, I mean with you...
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