Sunday, March 25, 2007


We Have Good News & We Have Bad News

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So here we are, all bright and shiney and exciting-looking in the crock pot.

So far so good, right?

Originally uploaded by Rabbitch.
Not so much.

It's just a little too tye-dye-ish for me. I do believe that the '60s are over. The '70s too, for that matter.

This was my first attempt at crock pot dyeing and clearly I didn't have a clue and didn't saturate some sections quite enough.

I'm going to mix up some more dyes, apply them to the naked areas, fling this all back in the pot, put the pot outside and bake it for a few more hours and see what happens.

Wish me luck!

Good luck with the re-dye. You could just overdye the sucker completely if crockpot #2 doesn't work out. And sometimes if you reskein it looks a whole lot better than it does just out of the pot.
I'm with bigalice. Knit a swatch and see if it's really bad or really fab. Really.
I agree with Bigalice and Ann.
The 60's are certainly not dead, if you go by my husband, who would wear tie-dye every day if he had enough shirts. Fortunately he only has three.
I agree with Norma, but I also second your decision to put the crock pot outside.

First time I died wool was with grape kool-aid. FRUIT BARN!
A little black goes a looooonnnggg way. Maybe try using mason jars to separate the colors? I think your colors are great, though, love the orange!
Hmmm....I wouldn't be too hasty to cast it aside, or even to re-dye it. It might look great knit up. It might show up as short dashes of red and gold on a background of black.
Good luck! me hates the patches of undyed. (others feel differently, that's for sure!) Hope it goes well. I do feel left out for not having smelt scorched sheep with vinegar.
Ugh! I'm not even going to try to make you feel better about this. What's in that crockpot looks unborn. I was almost afraid to scroll down to see what you THOUGHT you were doing. Most relieved to find it was only dyeing some wool. As bad as that turned out, it could have been oh so much worse. Carry on, if you must.
Luck hon.
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