Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Tuesday Tinklings

Well, it's Tuesday (insert a "well duh" here should you so desire) and I don't get more than a couple of hours of sleep on a Tuesday, which is why I often skip posting that day.

All I can say is a certain nasty delivery company, who took my money on the 1st of March to deliver something overnight in their nasty brown delivery trucks should be damned pleased that I don't have time for a rant.

Would seem that "overnight" means "whenever the fuck we feel like it". The destination, to which I could have walked in the last five days, has not yet been reached by their shitty service. Now I know why their trucks and all of their uniforms are brown.

Note to readers -- if anyone is sending anything to me, do not send it via the company with the brown trucks, 'cause I'm so annoyed I'm going to actually refuse all deliveries made by that company.

Sheesh, Canada Post would have cost me sixty cents and would have delivered it yesterday.

And have you yelled at them and demanded a refund? Just like children, they need to know when they've done something bad.
I am going to just start sending my packages by carrier pigeon- it seems more reliable somehow.
i swear, i'm going to start sending packages by pack mule. at least somebody would get some real exercise!
Ha ha! "Brown" just delivered something to my house recently and it came surprisingly fast....from IOWA! Maybe it's just the Canuck version. They smoke too much dope or something.
I always find the brown truck delivery service less than satisfactory too and will use anything else unless there's absolutely no other choice.

And those brown trucks are real terrors on the road. If you should sight one in your glidepath, stay as far away from it as you can.
I have six words to offer: moneybackmoneybackmoneyback. Jerks! (okay, that is 7)
AND every m-f-ing box they deliver has gray-brown scum all over it, which, if washed and dried, never, ever comes out. Screw brown.

--Shana, hating UPS in Missouri, USA
The Daughter In Law's Christmas present was "overnighted" to our house (by the Older Kid). It was shipped on 12/21. It spent over a week in some "hub." before arriving on 12/31.

When I shipped it on, I used the US POstal Service
I work in a pharmacy where we have sick people depending on us and the "brown" company is the worst of the delivery companies! Whenever an option is given, I get the other one. Always!
holy crap, I couldn't agree more!! after them losing two things that were "shipped" by them (not of my choice), and having to yell at them until they found my packages, and then get KILLED by duty fees, I'd happily join the down with the brown truck people club!
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