Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Still (Sort Of) Here!

Well, I seem to still have a connection to this interwebs thingie (this may be disappearing for a couple of days later this week, but never fear, unless the cobbled-together computer kills itself also I'll be back by Saturday) and I'm still on the right side of the dirt, so that's all good.

My old hard drive is in this computer, however the computer keeps claiming that it isn't, so I don't have any of my old emails at all. If I owe you an email, a package, or perhaps even pictures of my boobs (which are also inaccessible on the old hard drive -- the pictures. The boobs are still here, firmly tucked into the waistband of my sweatpants, where they belong) then please let me know.

There may well be pictures soon, too. I've taken a few but ... well ... the whole refusing to acknowledge the old hard drive upon which the software is stored thingie ...

Things at work have reached the point of "ghastly" where I'm neither eating nor sleeping any more. One would think by now that I'd be both thin and unspeakably weary, however I don't believe that's the case. Or, at least, I'm too damned tired to notice, if it is.

Fortunately I think there's some sort of meeting happening this week and things should start to move after that. At this point, if I didn't need my benefits, I'd walk. But I do. And I also like my job, because most people won't pay me to knit.

Speaking of knitting! No, I haven't actually been doing any knitting. Did a few things for my Favourite Colour Swap Pal (and you know it was washcloths, right?) and a headband in red merino/mohair or something like that (Pamir from elann.com, nice stuff) which is really a long thin washcloth. Which isn't absorbent. Shut up.

Anyhow, while I've been busy not-knitting, Emma and Carol have been spoiling me rotten. First I received a skein of merino superwash in sockweight from Carol, in her very own "Dead Rat" colourway, and then I received a notions pouch and an absolute assload of yarn from Emma. Silk, cashmere, merino, all in gorgeous colours. None of which I can share with you at this point in time because the syphilitic assbeagle of a camera won't talk to the godforsaken weasel spew of a computer!!1! #@$@^%^&. But it doesn't bother me at all.

And now I'm going to try to sleep for an hour (I've slept exactly 90 minutes in the last 24 -- in two instalments) before I go to work and try not to kill people.

And maybe knit.

I think I'd like to find a job where I can knit, too, but NOT if it means sleeping 90 minutes in a 24 hour period. At what point do you get dangerous with pointed sticks in your hands?
Do let me endorse the washcloths. It is THE one thing I grab to put between the hot bowl I just pulled out of the microwave and the palm of my tender hand while I chow down on last night's leftovers.
I endorse sleep too.
I don't know how you're doing it. Not only do I hope that your job problems work themselves out, but I sure hope that I actually find a decent one.
I hope you manage to get some more sleep! My boyfriend had a(nother) week from hell and slept 2 1/2 hours (in installments) in the middle of working 40 (and then had a night off before working another 40, and then all weekend), so I feel for you. I'm still not sure how he actually managed to sleep in a warehouse, but I guess when you're going on hour 27 you can probably sleep anywhere.

I'll keep my fingers crossed that things improve. At least if you do kill someone, they'll let you sleep in jail. Or is that not something to mention?
headbands do not have to absorb sweat if they keep your ears warm.

and kick some ass at work, sounds like it needs it.
As a gesture of peace - an olive branch, if you will - you should give your boss a picture of your boobs. I'm pretty sure that'll patch everything up.
If that doesn't work, give her the sweatpants.
*sigh* And I've already waited so long for those boob pics.
If you get benefits at work.. do they include stress leave? Get your doctor to write you a note saying that the situation at your workplace is currently detrimental to your health, and then take some leave to catch up on your sleep, seek counsel, etc...

...and then, if you want more info about leaving a toxic job and becoming self-employed in really cool ways that include knitting (sell patterns!), playing with dye (sell lots of yarn to local shops who have customers begging for it! - I don't do this, but Felicia is retiring, so there's an opening!), or teaching hula hoop dancing to adults (wait, that's MY job.. you can't have that one, but I'll help you brainstorm another..)... ask me, or talk to the folks at the Alliance for Art and Culture about the SEARCH program for creative people who need to create enjoyable, profitable work for themselves.

Take care of yourself, sleep more... in two years from now, none of this will matter :)
As well you should be spoiled rotten. Good for your friends. No one is supposed to have this many yucky days in a row. In the meantime, I'll be smiling at the boobs comment. You're funny even when sleep deprived (or because of it?) ;>)
I'm a sleep deprived Mom also, and I have red belt in Tae Kwon Do!! Send me pics of this assbeagle of a boss, I'll take care of the situation for you when I'm on holiday in BC this summer. Loraine
RE the hard drive, did you remember to reset the jumper pin ? If you slaved it to the other drive, you need to reset the jumper pin.
I'm so sorry that life is trying to eat you right now. With ketchup on top.
Good luck with the work and the sleep, I think you must have some kind of superpowers, I would have dissolved into a puddle of goo by now. Puddle. Of. Goo.
Nothing drives me crazier (a short trip) than non-working tools when I'm sleep deprived. Or anytime, really. Every tools (computers, cameras, light bulbs, vacuum cleaners, cars etc etc) very existence requires that it work. Not working = garbage, not 'tool'. This is why I do not name my cars. If they stop working, I get another. That is how I deal with the slackers. Sometimes it takes a long time to save enough money for the new one, but ultimately I am triumphant. I will cherish that new tool until it no longer does its job. No mercy. I know you understand. We are sistas in this.
Yes. The assbeagle boss must go. I am sending her the stinkeye....

try to get some sleep, sweets and a pox (again) on the boss.

Knit away....
Weasel spew?
I have no idea what you wrote except about photos of your boobs. A little distracted, perhaps?

Oh, but it is nice to know I'm not alone in tucking my boobs into the waistband of my sweatpants.

Take care, sweetie.
See, I would cuss more often if I were creative enough to come up with godforsaken weasel spew. That's great.

Hope that work slows down for you.
~snort~You sound like you're feeling fit! Hope you catch a couple of winks (that's sleep remember?) I'd love to say you promised 26 skeins of your best alpaca/silk, but you're probably not THAT tired? Are ya?
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