Friday, March 16, 2007


So Far ...

... so good.

Computer has been cobbled back together. We need some bits but this will do for now.

Next, the battling with the camera software. Stay tuned. Wait for the cussing to start.

I was going through the same stuff recently. Finally gave up and got a new laptop---very exciting! I'll keep an eye out for the cussing!

I want it to work but....your cussing is so funny!
easy ==> terminal gtkam
its a "snap" or a "click" or...
I'd chuck a camera that doesn't just work cable, bluetooth or flash card. (you may now delete this message - I still think that pic was the prettiest tho' - so there)
Can't wait for your cussing - you have the best cuss words ever ;)
I'm tuned and waiting, ready to be amused and tempted by pretty photos of yarn.
What does that say about your readers that they openly admit they'd rather hear you cuss than have something good happen to you?
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