Saturday, March 10, 2007


Saturday Self-pity

Man, I don't remember the last time I went four days without posting. Long time.

Apologies to anyone who thought I might be dead. Also apologies to anyone who was hoping that I might be dead. I'm not; I'm just totally overwhelmed by life right now.

The computer is still almost-defunct, nothing else has shown any sign of improvement, and I'm battling a cold plus the sort of mental overload that makes you want to just wrap yourself in your oversized University of Miami (Ohio) sweatshirt with the chemical burns on the cuffs (given to you by a hot chick many years ago -- the sweatshirt, not the burns ... she got those in chemistry class) and recite dirty limericks at the top of your voice until everyone leaves you alone.

Alas, being a mommy and apparently also the only person who knows where anything is in the house, in fact nobody leaves you alone, which really makes things quite a lot worse.

Hubby is going to try to do something about putting my old hard drive in his computer so at least I can access my data and maybe even upload some pictures. He'll be home in half an hour and I hope to persuade him to do so tonight.

If this occurs, I have pictures! I received a gorgeous skein of sock wool from Carol to whom I am not linking right now because I just don't have the patience to wait for this computer to do so, plus I've got some more wool dyed plus I'm destashing so there will be many things for sale. Right now I'm going to go crawl into bed with my kid and see if I can't get a nap while getting her to sleep. Or, you know, maybe pass away in the middle of the night. That would work, too.

Me, not her. Assmonkeys.

If the computer gets semi-functional again and I get an hour of sleep, there may well be more posting this evening. However, I suspect that me "putting the baby to bed" will involve me also passing out for about 8 hours.

I'll stop whining soon. Honest. Right after I stop getting kicked in the ass.

Read from the periodic table, including the atomic weights. No one will want to be around you. When they peek around the corner to see if it's safe, yell "Ytterbium! Polonium! Molybdenum!" I don't have children but I can't imagine a child wanting to be around someone who talks only in elemental names and atomic weights.

I'm glad you're not dead. Otherwise I wouldn't be able to tell you my verification word is "yzooie". Take care.
It has finally happened both here and there.*

The sky is falling and it's not an acorn!

Breathe, Rabbitch, Breathe.

* If this makes any sense at all, please explain.
It's okay to whine, especially if there's cheese and that other wine stuff.
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