Tuesday, March 27, 2007



Well it's Tuesday again, and as always I'm completely fucked on a Tuesday. Almost no sleep, we don't seem to have any food in the house, the entire living room is exploded, all of the dishes are dirty, I don't think we have any clean clothes and the babysitter is coming in two hours.

So in the vain hope that she won't call the Ministry on me, I'm going to run around screaming and trying to shove enough stuff under the couch that it doesn't look like my home has been ravaged by drunk hyenas. However, as I know you all languish on days I don't post, I'll quickly throw a link at you (Mousie updated her store) and then another link (because lala has me totally addicted to this site and I don't want to be all alone) just so you don't think I don't care.

And now, let the screaming commence.

Damn drunken hyenas! They were over here, too! :)
OH MY ...I had to look through every single one of those damn cat pictures....do u haz a flavor???
I haz a flavor!

Jeese! Not only did I look at all of the kittehs (?), but I emailed links to three of them.
Oooo I love me some Rabbitch quickies!
Oh thanx bunches! Like I don't already waste enough hours on this masheen, now I gotz all those cats to look at.

Sorry about the hyenas in your house. Any idea who snuck 'em in?

It's me, PeggySmee. They/it won't let me be anything but anonymous.
Those drunken hyenas have no consideration for the hard working muthas.

Love the cheezburger site. You are not alone now.
Those drunken hyenas, they get such a bad rap. It's really the drunken weasels you gotta watch out for.
The way to clean up fast is take a garbage bag into each room, throw the crap in it, throw the bag in a closet or under the bed. Then when you have time empty them out ( 0r when someone's screaming for something you put in them)
two rules.
1 No foodstuff for obvious reasons.
2. No wool either - keep a sep bag for all yarn/wool and projects

Oh yeah..sign up for the flylady. Helps you to not feel so overwhelmed.
Just my 2cents :)
laurie in victoria
Ohhhhhhh my! Thanks for the links; now, I cannot stop looking at the lolcats! I am becoming obsessed...there goes my job, I guess!
I agree with Laurie, that Flylady will help you feel organized. But shoving things under the couch works, too =) Hope you had a nice night out!
My American brain read "the Ministry" and immediately imagined the sitter summoning a priest or minister to come over and...I dunno...perform an exorcism or something.

On second thought, would that be a bad idea?


Somebody get Rabbitch a new computer and/or an independently wealthy housewife, both of which would allow her more time to entertain us. I'm having withdrawals down here.
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