Saturday, March 31, 2007


Not From Wisconsin

Latest Google search: Porn Stars from Wisconsin.

WTF? That's the last place I'd expect porn stars to come from, but I guess you get 'em everywhere these days.

Latest excuse for not blogging: I've been busy. Apparently There's Something Going On Around Here.

Details? Ha! As if. Send yarn and we'll talk about it.

ps please do not send yarn i don't have time to knit okthanksbye

I was conceived in Wisconsin. I wonder if there's a connection.

I thought for sure you were going to going to tell us about your new friend Jon Jonson (pronounced "Yon Yonson"). Do you even know that rhyme in Canadia?
I'd expect more porn stars to hail from Wisconsin than from Utah.
Hah! I just clicked through to Cheryl's blog, and I totally didn't know she lived in Utah when I wrote that.
Heehee! That's a good one! I took your recommendation and made a StatCounter account for my blog. I don't get nearly such interesting a search for "mouse garment tiny oppossum." (Not certain what the hit with my blog, but hope they were amused...)
Hmmm, sorry, that comment only makes a little sense. Apparently I'm tired and my keyboard is drunk...
Apparently I have an uncle who raises organic free range beef in Wisconsin. (Well, actually, he raises the cows that the beef comes from.) Where IS Wisconsin, anyway? All I know about it is what I read in "Little House in the Big Woods" when I was about 8. There was something about maple mention of porn stars, though. Huh. Who knew?
Huh. The only one I've seen for mine that's even remotely close is a search for 'gross pink'. So some sort of fetish porn, apparently.
As someone who has lived in Wisconsin since 1974, I suppose it is possible that there might be some, however that judgement is more from the fact that there are people out there who like a WIDE variety of porn.

And I mean W I D E!
Send me the yarn. I dont have time either, but who cares.
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