Sunday, March 04, 2007


Hey Nonny Nonny

Dear A. Nonny Mouse:

No, I have not been disappearing your comments. They've been coming to me in email and I assumed they were also showing up on my blog, as I have it set up to accept anonymous comments. I don't need to know who people are if they don't want to tell me.

I disappeared one or two comments from someone, perhaps you, a couple of months back because they either upset me or pissed me off, and as I said at the outset of this blog, this isn't a democracy, this is my space in which I need to feel comfortable, but I've removed nothing since.

So if you're talking about anything recent, then it's the fault of Blogger, not the fault of my rampant censorship. I apologize if you felt you were being censored.

Blogger is a free service and sometimes you get what you pay for.

If you ARE the person from my past who was commenting about The Only and my shoes and so on (so I knew that you really know who I am -- because I'll admit I used to be a bigger shoe slut than Imelda Marcos) I had it narrowed down to either Rose or Kelly or Catherine. Feel free to tell me if I'm incorrect. Two of those people are welcome back into my life with open arms, and yes, I miss you both. One, a lot. A whole lot.

The third will be tolerated if she watches her ps and qs. I'm not quite the little pushover that I used to be.

And now, I return to my futile attempt to pretend that I'm technologically well-equipped. I have to go give the hamster CPR again so the computer keeps running ...

I'm having a really hard time wrapping that around my head...the statement of you not quite the little pushover....I just can't imagine you being a pushover, large or small...dude, you rock...
So, um. It's fair to say that your House Mouse is not leaving comments? Just wondering...
I saw "Mouse" and thought you were pissed at me for about 15 seconds. Whew. I really wouldn't want to be on your bad side.. especially with your lack of internet porn- I mean.. blog reading and information seeking- lately.
hi, rabbitch --

nope, i'm not a ghost of commenters past, having found your blog only recently.

as i recall, the comments that didn't get posted concerned reactions to your dismal worklife, so if you read them as e-mail, all the better. as for leaving putdowns, etc., on someone's blog? no way -- i just quit reading 'em.

i enjoy your blog (and a few others) greatly because -- except for a couple of people from my lys and a small group that meets most weeks, i know no other knitters. muggles' eyes glaze over when we talk about our art/craft/addiction, but they're eager to glom onto what we make.

your blog and the others i like have just enough snark and zest to 'em to disprove the notion that we're all sweet little old ladies -- even those who have reached (or exceeded, in my case) a certain age.

so blog on, o rabbitch, blog on!
oops! i meant to sign the entry above!


-- a. nonnie mouse
Damn, I wish I'd thought of that "this is not a democracy line" recently....Hee.
You forgot to add to your Saturday list--at least you didn't get hit by lightning.
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