Saturday, March 17, 2007


Hairy Berry

Hairy Berry
Originally uploaded by Rabbitch.
Clearly, we now have photo capability back in the rabbit hutch.

Thank the FSM for small mercies.

This is Hairy Berry, a buncha sock wool now residing happily with Mrs. Quimby.

Life is good. Or at least less annoying.

So pretty! Is it lace weight? And I'm glad you have a camera again!
Oh man, Rabbitch, my deepest sympathies, and a huge bottle of your favorite hooch, re both job and computer. Great you finally have a camera cooperating; the Hairy Berry looks magnificent. Better luck with everything, soon! And chocolate. And hooch. I can really feel for your computer probs 'cause my computer zombied too, and I was offline for 20 days. Make that two huge bottles of hooch. I nearly went mad, and I had Xanax on top of the chocolate. Luck to infinitude!
So, when do you come back to IM? I miss you, dude.
a wise woman once said, "if it has tires or testosterone, you're gonna have trouble with it."

if she said it today, she'd probably say "tires, testosterone or microchips"

anyway, glad to see you back, and hairy berry looks awesome!

a. nonnie mouse
And the Hairy Berry seems to be adjusting quite well. Though I'm have reason to suspect that it's teaching the other yarn some colourful language. You wouldn't know anything about that, would you? Hmm?
Once a month, I do the blog-relay. i.e. Go from a bloggerfriends comment-box, choose one I do not know, open, comment and then link to, this time you. Why you? From your comment post: BC. How's that?
'cause BC is one of my nature favourites.

Oooo, so pretty.... Glad things look like they might be going better!
Beautiful looking fiber. Yes I've been gone. I'm back. Sort of.
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