Monday, March 26, 2007


Gentlemen, It Is My Duty

To inform you of one beauty
Though I'll ask of you a favour
No tae seek her for a while

(with thanks to Silly Wizard)

Today I lay down my crown. And scepter. And pointy sticks.

And pretty much everything.

OK, so I was self-crowned and all and it was likely time that someone took me down a notch or two, but really. You think I've got the snark?

Go. Go now. I warn you, you may never come back.

The chick tops me bigtime in snark, cussing, and general entertainment value. I'm not sure if I want to kill her or marry her. Even the cussing. I mean, I've never said "Jesus Tittyfucking Christ, Ma!"

Although I wish I had.

I'm hoping that "screaming purple fuck" still keeps me in the running here, but I'm pretty sure I'm doomed. No more JenLa awards for this rabbit.



Hey, there wasn't a bit of Argyll in that post. Some pretty queenly stuff, though.

Janice in GA
Silly Wizard fan
Oh, Rabbitch, you've been under so much pressure lately, it takes energy and opportunity to be in the upper levels of snark 24/7, give yourself a break, she is as good as you on one of your "off" days, but she can't touch you when you're "ON"! Don't put that scepter down just yet.
Loved the review of Knitty! Thanks for the link.
Very fun, especially the review (with which I agree lots), but I don't know. You keep the snark level pretty darn high.
C'mon, Rabbitch. Rise to the occasion, you ass-weasel.

BTW, ahem, one of the designer photos she mocks WAS ME. (at least it was a drawring of me and not an actual photo. and at least she didn't skewer my pattern. yet.)
Thank you for my daily dose of snark. I knew I could count on you!
oh PLEASE. I may have bookmarked her, but Rabbitch-darling, YOU are practically my homepage. NO ONE snarks with as much creativity and finesse as you!
Great new site, but seriously, as a loyal, but previously silent reader, I must confess that you will remain first on the "to check" list. :)
Another mostly silent admirere bicth!
No one will replace you, dont worry
good grief, you must have been upset. you spelled bitch wrong!
good, but is anyone sending her sea silk\ lol cedar
Very amusing, but really, you are too hard on yourself, because she just didn't quite get your level of finesse (oh, so maybe finesse is not the right word...) She doesn't strike a cord with me the way you do.

She is amusing, but didn't make me snort, as you have done several times.
HeeHee. Your admirer base is strong! Your snark is cutting and witty. I don't think you're out of the running, but I will check out the site. A blog with such a high review by you must be entertaining indeed!
The joy of this whole bloggy business is that there is room for more than one bitch. Like it doesn't take away from a candle to light another blah blah.
She's good and creative, but to paraphrase Mr.Brooks and his crew

"Knitty? We don' need no stinkin' Knitty!"

You don' need no stinking outside influence, your snark is all personal, so you are still Queenie in my book.

thank ya, m'dear, for the kind words and linkage!

believe you me, there is plenty of room in the ole knitblogosphere for a multitude of snarky bitches. i'm just doin' my part to keep things interesting and keep those designers on their toes.

thanks again and mad props to you as well!
Whoops! Good thing I said something nice about your link-ee too!
They're all pretenders, hon. You're the real thing. Stand proud.
Perhaps it is unfair of me, but I do not find that sort of snark as appealing in a 22-year-old. I feel (again, perhaps unfairly) that one must earn one's wings in the hard-knocks-of-life category before letting the ascerbic tongue fly freely. It smacks, otherwise, of trying to show off for the grownups. (Though I will admit to having thoroughly enjoyed her Knitty review. I thought the spring issue was pretty loaded with duds, myself.)
PS. But don't take it personally, Leigh - I'm just in a bad mood. I'll keep reading.
I think I have room enough in my heart to love and admire both snark queens. Though the term 'assbeagle' just speaks to me. I am not sure (but do hope) that Leigh can live up to that!
also, full disclosure:

i did not come up with the gem that is "jesus tittyfucking christ."

it's from the apex of american comedy cinema, Team America: World Police, which i recommend for the xxx puppet sex if nothing else.
I think your snarks are different, equally tasty flavors. Hey, would I go hating on Chocolate Fudge when Cookies & Cream is a completely different taste explosion? Thanks for broadening my snark horizons.
The more snark, the better, to my mind. But you'll always reign supreme as the gal who introduced "twatcicle" to my vocabulary. 'Cause, sometimes, you just need to scream that out the car window...
Silly rabbit! Your blog rocks and you've got nothin' to worry about.
Forgive me for not pandering to the next-in-line to the throne. She's cute and fun, but you are the queen.

I have yet to see "Jesus Christ on a piece of toast" and "Jesus H. Roosevelt Christ" from you. Two of my favourites, but I know that you are far more inventive.

I keep trying to work "ass-beagle" into my conversations, but it just doesn't work, because I don't curse at the office (which causes much cursing after-hours).

Long-time lurker. Lurrve you.
Just so you know? Jeezus tittfucking Christ is a direct quote from the genius of "Team America, World Police". You will often see it on JenLa as JTFK, or JTFC, depending on who's quoting it.

Yours, my dear friend, are all originals, and therefore in the running over a movie quote.

So does this mean you no longer want to sleep with me?
Besides, if it weren't for you, I'd have never thought to ask the DH if he was playing his asstrumpet, now would I?
My dear Rabbitch you still rock my world. Leigh is amusing but as Lizbon noted, snark without proper aging, just missing something you know? Beside I mean you have "asstrumpet" how excellent a word is that. Really? Fantabulous.
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