Friday, March 02, 2007


Funny? Or Just Very Sad?

The motherfucker motherboard on my computer fried itself yesterday. One minute I was wasting my time downloading porn researching important information on the interwebs and the next minute there was a quiet click and I was staring at a black screen.

Naturally I reacted with my usual aplomb and ran about screaming for a while, then left a pathetic plea for my house geek husband to fix it fix it fix it oh please oh please.

Seems it's at least temporarily deceased, as we cannot purchase a new part until my employer pays me out, however he managed to set up an old computer so that y'all don't fade away and die for lack of my timeless prose. And you thought he wasn't any use. I do believe some ass-kissing may be in order.

It's a P200. This used to be the fastest machine in the house. I believe I can type fast enough to crash the entire damned thing.

I'm running Linux, because this box is so old I can't load NT or XP or PDQ or NFI or whatever the hell I was using on the other machine. I strongly suspect this makes me some sort of geek.

A geek who can post, but a geek nonetheless.

I'm pretty sure I'm going to have to go get registered for the next Star Trek Convention or something now.

Oh yes, and I can't upload pictures because I don't think I can run the camera software on this (although the camera itself is seven years old, so who knows?) Anyhow, you're going to have to wait for pictures.

The unkind amongst you may now start laughing and pointing at me. It takes forever to load anything on here, so there's a good chance I won't know if you're laughing, anyhow.

And now I'm just going to take my laundry in a basket down to the river and pound it a bit with some rocks. (My washer still works but really, it's only a matter of time ...)

Some days it feels like that, doesn't it? Love your blog.
I feel for ya. Computer problems are always a pain in the rump.
I'm sure housegeek (I have one of those, too, aren't they great?) already diagnosed the computer, but is he sure, given the recent weird weather everywhere, that it's really the motherboard & not the power supply? I mean either way you need a new part, but one is much less tragic when it goes boink than the other.
Oh, Rabbitch, this too? Haven't you suffered enough? At least you have a package in the mail to look forward to.

p.s. Live long and prosper.
Luv the swearing - takes the pressure off me....
I'm hearing a lot of talk bandied about concering Mercury being in retrogade until the 7th. Sounds to me like that snotty little hotheaded planet just whooped your ass in one last fit of "See what I can do!" before it gets yanked back into its proper place.

Three cheers for the hometeam geeks, though.
Well.... shit. I assume that I won't be seeing you on chat until you get a new mother--- board. Oh what will I do without my daily dose of BunnySnark? (my spellcheck is telling me that the word "bunnysnark" is spelled improperly.. but assferret is clearly a word it understands.)
What do you mean, until the 7th? I was hoping that things would start to look up before then!
Dang. At least you have a backup.

I think motherboard is the shorter version.
If you were truly supposed to sign up for the Star Trek Convention now, you would've had 3 spare motherboards sitting around and would've been able to switch them out with no problems.

Don't ask how I know.
So you are typing on a coal-powered computer? How *cute* :-)
Jen: first thing I did was swap out the ATX power supply. I've found an old Athlon XP 1800+, and I'm going to try that next. If it's not the cpu or the memory, then it's pretty much gotta be teh motherboard. I'm her Implausible Serenity's husband, btw. I don't normally read this blog, but I'm trying to get this darn temp computer to recognize an old 3Com ISA ethernet card which may or may not be operational, and the page was open. I like the bunnie to have the privacy to air her opinions here, by which I mean if she's complaining about me to you yarn people then she's not complaining about me to me.
That was pretty funny, Mr. Bunny.
I, for one, am glad you're the house geek....Keep Sweet Bunny happy.
Rabbitch, sounds like he's working on it, hopefully soon.....bunnysnark assferret , well the spellcheck on this machine doesn't accept either word, and get this, it thinks christian should be capitalized.
When you're done with all that, I'd like you to express mail me some hand-churned butter and some stone ground flour.

See I say that like it's funny, right before I go spin hair into string with which I will build fabric one loop at a time.

Clearly we all belong in some kind of "convention", if what you mean by convention is "institution".
I would never laugh and point at you. Not where you could see me anyway.
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