Monday, March 19, 2007


Don't Insult the Freaks!

Sea Silk!
Originally uploaded by Rabbitch.
That's one of my favourite lines from the movie Madagascar, and I must say that it's also advice that has served me well.

For instance, today I received a package from Big Alice as a belated birthday present, along with a nice note (excellent card, by the way!) saying how she wasn't sure if she should send it (hello? Sea Silk! NEVER ask yourself this question when holding a package of Sea Silk addressed to me) or if I'd think she was some sort of creepy stalker or a freak or something. Clearly, she made the correct decision and this incredibly beautiful fibre is now in my evil clutches.

So remember -- don't insult the freaks! You never know when they're going to send you stuff.

Many thanks to all who have been concerned about my mental and physical health. Nothing's been resolved at work but I just don't really care any more. I'm feeling far better than I was last week. I actually took two days off because my stomach was so upset that I couldn't even function (I'll spare you the details -- don't know if I had a bug or if it was stress but it's over now and that's all I care about) and I've spent the last four days sleeping and the last three days also eating (my husband is an amazing cook) and I feel far more hale and hearty and able to face the slings and arrows and all.

And to revamp my resume.

COLLYWOBBLES! I get 'em all the time. My sympathies. Imodium is generally helpful to me and uh . . . knitting. *sigh* I find it unlikely that you haven't tried those solutions already.
Oooooh.....Sea Silk. Such beautimous stuff.

Wishing you a calm stomach and a killer resume.
Ah spring. A new season and hopefully with it a new job! You go girl.
Sleep is more necessary for health than food, within reason. Here's to a great resume. That Berry yarn is gorgeous.
Mmmm, sea silk, yummy. I'm doing my resume too! On to greater things!
Sorry you've been having a hard time - I came over from Knit In Your Hat. I was scrolling down your recent entries and I wanted to know how you could find the google hits on your blog. I'd love to see that about my blog (also on blogger). Enjoy your Sea Silk - it looks positively yummy.
You hussy, flashing your Sea Silk at us like that - I had to go get a skein for myself just to quell the lust in my heart to a dull roar.

Hope you're on the mend!
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