Saturday, March 03, 2007


At Least I Have Time To Clean House

Greetings again from Prehistoric Land! (or was that Pre-Hysteria Land? Whatever.)

My, it certainly is fun trying to get things done on a computer that resembles a box of Triscuits (a really BIG box of Triscuits) and that seems to be run by the power of an elderly hamster running lethargically on a rusted wheel.

I've glued an Etch-A-Sketch to the top, just so that I can pretend I have a monitor. Can you tell that I'm not taking this latest blow to the comfort of my home and to my continued access to free pornography interesting articles on art and science and helpful homecare tips particularly well? Oh well, knowing my luck they'll cut off the internet connection next week and I won't have to worry about it any more.

The good thing is that I've been using my time wisely. In the time it takes to load a website (if it loads at all, that is) I can catch up on the things I haven't really had time to get to in the last year or so. Like vacuuming the hallway (who knew I had carpet there?), shaving my legs (I seem to have had carpet there, too), washing my clothes (but not drying them) and doing the dishes. I would have been skeining up all of the wool that I've dyed but a) I still don't know if I can post pictures, as my husband's computer seems to be missing some sort of card and he doesn't have an internet conection and b) my niddy-noddy fell apart and I'm waiting for the glue to dry.

Apart from all of that, Mrs. Lincoln, how was the play?

There are worse things, though. My goats don't have lice (the fact that I don't have goats is immaterial), I didn't just discover that the house of my dreams is built on a flood plain and I don't have a roommate (who also happens to be a sheep) who is holding half-naked auditions in my living room.

And, you know, at least my vagina didn't fall out.

Sometimes the misfortunes of others are all we have to keep us going.

Quite frankly (pun intended), I'd be thrilled if Dolores had a parade of scantily-clad, buff men with abs of steel running through my house.

Just sayin', dudette.
P.S. you can also take comfort in the fact that you don't have Lyme disease.
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Way to keep things in perspective, Babe. :)
Half your staff isn't out sick either.

Just saying. . .
Heh, I finally shaved my legs a couple of weeks ago, haven't since though....hmmmm licey goats.
I think having half naked auditions in your living room might make you feel better, actually.
The vagina falling out has become my measuring stick for a really bad day. So far, no day has been that bad. Thank the gods.
Hmmm, my laptop's been acting like a box of Triscuits lately, too. Must be something going around.
Thanks for the giggles.
Yes. Vagina falling out would definitely suck. I hope that doesn't happen to me!
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