Tuesday, February 27, 2007


She'll Be Coming 'Round the Mountan

Or comin' 'round the corner or something. I don't know. I'm too tired to be amusing right now (you, in the back, shut up, this is too different.) but at least I'm not reduced to posting about my sock photocopying its butt.

The Evil Empire (aka my employer) continues to be evil but I think The Forces of Goodness and Light (that's me and the folks who are on my side -- shut up) are winning the battle. I also spoke to the manager at the Less Evil Empire and they may be able to help me out, so I'm not quite as stressed as I was. I phoned him and said "this is what I can do, this is where I'm willing to work and these are the hours I'm available. I'm ready to jump the minute you have anything at all available with benefits". He said "oh, wow" (seeing I'll work graveyards, which most sane people object to). I have to take a (short) course and gain one more skill and then I think it's only a matter of a (small) amount of time. I may not jump, but it's nice to know I can if I need to.

Other things are lightening the load. For instance:

Originally uploaded by Rabbitch.
Knitting needles. Handmade, wooden. Courtesy of Emma

And these:

stitch markers
Originally uploaded by Rabbitch.
Also courtesy of Emma and made by the talented Michelle

Thanks you guys!

My photography sucks but as always I'm blaming the camera.

Running off to work, as always, stopping to deliver some blankets and hats (there are photos, honest) to a shelter and some wool to Heather on the way. I've been dyeing up a storm. Maybe if I get ten minutes to breathe tomorrow I'll actually post some but even I've stopped believing myself.

Actually, I think we vampiric types are the sane ones. After all, it's all very well and good to be going to bed when the morning sun is nice and cheery and making you feel good about life in general, but why would you want to get up and go to work then? I've tried it - just to understand how those people live - but I just don't get it.
Hey! Watch it, missy, or I'll send my sock out there to kick your *ss!
Hooray for the good guys!
Sock Wars!!!
Aha! I knew that the light at the end of the tunnel wasn't a train. Keeping my fingers crossed for ya.

When I saw the knitting needles, I half expected one to have the R and the other to have an L. But that comes from not having had enough caffeine this morning.
Work stress is the worst....hope you get out of there soon... even if you have to work in the graveyard. That could be fun, you know. Sleep, Rabbitch, Sleep!
Keep fighting the good fight...I also hope the Other Job works out.

Winning the Lotto would be good too of course.
Fight! Fight!
I rather like working in the graveyards...I hope it all works out just the way you want it to.
Nice goodies ya got there!
I am hella jealous of your kickass new needles.

When are you coming round our mountain again? I keep forgetting
Good luck on the potential new job! I hope you get a good one =)
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