Saturday, February 24, 2007


Lee Ann Made Me Wet My Drawers

Tonight I was talking online to my buddy Lee Ann. She asked me for my number and asked if I was busy right now, which I thought was a pretty good indication that she'd like to talk.

We've never talked before so it was cool. I behaved well and didn't even say "fuck" until at least three minutes into the conversation.


I'm just going to have to cancel afternoon tea with the Queen, aren't I? This will never do.

All was going well until Missy Moo decided to get into the action and ask me for a glass of juice. I was so busy trying to do three things at once while not seeming like a total dork and I put the milk jug on the bread board and nudged it over ... so it wouldn't spill. Unfortunately I'd forgotten that a) the cutlery drawer was open and b) there was a full cup of coffee also on the bread board.

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Voila. This is what happens when you try to do three things at once while talking to a hot chick on the phone.

Originally uploaded by Rabbitch.
I mean, obviously I need to pay a little more attention to the cleanliness of my cutlery drawer (those are toast crumbs or something, floating in the coffee) but it's not quite what I had planned for this evening.

The upshot? The drawer is clean, the cutlery is clean, and Lee Ann thinks I'm a goof. All in all a successful evening.

Well, at least the drawer was open. Imagine if that cup had hit the floor.

BC and Montreal are on the same time zone, right? Just like the rest of Canadia?
Oh Aye, and a good time was had by all!
Those crumbs are a by-product of what the cutlery does in the drawer when no-one is watching. Nothing to with toast.
Goofiness fights off aging =) At least you know it was a good phone call, if it can cause that kind of action!
Well sheesh, the only time I ever bothered to clean my silverware tray was when I dumped something in it.
I blame Lee Ann. If she wasn't so damn sexy on the phone that never would've happened.
I'm "asstrumpeting".. impressed with your matching cutlery...I was just dying to use that word cedar
I'm glad not all of your knitblog friends are back-stabbing sweater finishers like myself. SOrry. It was in defense of my sanity.....
Are you sure those aren't imaginary toast crumbs?

You are the best kind of goof, m'lady. Totally made my night.
I think my silverware drawer is very similar.. except it is more like coffee grounds, as the drawer is below the area where I make the coffee. You always make me laugh, but I have to honestly say that the inside of your head must be a scarey place at times!
Doesn't everyone use coffee to clean their silverware drawer?
Oh shit. Ten minutes later (after a trip to FL and from there to Threadbared) I make the connection between your title and your post.

I better go to bed.
I think LeeAnn is taking the blame unfairly here. 'Twasn't her as asked for the glass of juice, was it. But I do agree that spilling something is by far the best way to get something else cleaned up. That needs to happen to my desk...
we wont discuss the coffee grounds in the bottom of my silverware drawer. mark spilled it, and i refuse to clean it up. we're going on month 4 or 5 by now, sigh.
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