Saturday, February 03, 2007


Kugelschreiber, Haasenpfeffer, Sturm und Drang

I gotta go work for those guys. Anything would be better than the guys I work for now.

Anyhow, I'm alive and kicking, I'm just being kicked, in turn, and it's been hard to work up the energy to post. Well, impossible, clearly.

I'm not going to be enough of a tool to post details, but as soon as I figure out if I'm going to the meeting I've been ordered to attend while being un-invited -- the meeting that I'm actually not involved in and declined to attend weeks ago -- I think things'll be a bit better. Yeah, it's been like that.

And until that works itself out, I'm just going to clean house.

Drinkies, anyone?

Oh, that's bad. YOU are going to do housework to get your mind off work? That job must be beyond wombat rabies.

I hear the longshoremen's union branches are under pressure to hire women. The friendly crazy semi-homeless guy who hangs out in front of city hall told me so. He's nuts, but usually well-informed.
I work for a fairly large company (~900 employees) and HATE my job. I haven't the training to do what I do, but plug along diligently. A boss who asks my opinion and disregards it at every opportunity. Meh.

On the other hand, I could try for a job in the factory starting at what I make now and be eligible for overtime and holiday pay... I could so work in manufacturing, especially as a woman, which makes up less than 10% of our workforce worldwide.

The point is I feel your pain!
As a devoted owner of an adorable little black bunny, I cringe at the sight of "haasenpfeffer."
Even if you didn't mean that you were making it...

I hope things improve for you.

And ditch the housecleaning: knitting's much more fun.
ok, i'm confuzzled. you were invited, declined the invitation, were uninvited, and yet still required to go? i think your work is fucked.
What is up in the working world? Everyone I know is getting screwed badly lately, and they are not being bought dinner first!

Sending you good vibes, and helpful hints for hiding the bodies if that doesn't work out.
I vote for drinkies, not housecleaning!
Don't worry Carol, I'm pretty sure Haasenpfeffer doesn't even have Haasen in it.

Kugelschreiber is the one that has me giggling though.

Sounds like a situation that calls for... jello shots!
I so totally understand that meeting thing. I do not miss it one little bit! I am, however, thinking it's about time someone else hired me on (after being laid off last year). Here's hoping the next gig is much better than the last one!
I'm with tammy and dragon knitter. Too bad they'd take it the wrong way if you phoned in a bomb threat.

Also, tiny blog contest over at my place.
Sorry about your job, babe. I tip my drinky to you. Or, I will tonight, because if I do it right now, I won't ever make it home from work, and my kid's aftercare frowns on leaving him there overnight. (I know! They're so inflexible.)
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