Tuesday, February 20, 2007


In Which the Whining Gets Even Worse

Honestly, it's a wonder I have any readers at all these days. My posting has been sporadic and my life is almost as exciting as watching a goat eat Aunt Mabel's longjohns off the washing line. (The washing line I have to use because the heater in my dryer burned out so now all I can do is air-dry and thank you so much to my charming employer for not paying me what they owe me so I can get the damned dryer fixed).

All I can say is that you've been very patient. I shall make an honest attempt to be less lame in the very near future. But, alas, not today.

Work has all been very bad. Every day there's one more push. Every day I push back, and say "ok, that's it. I can't take any more." And then I think about it for a while and think that I can take just one more shove.

And the very next day; lather, rinse, repeat.

And I wonder why I'm fighting so hard for something in which I no longer have pride, and which I no longer value. The question for me now seems to be not whether I can take any more or not, but whether I see any reason to. Sure, there's the pay but it's inadequate for our needs, and the cost of earning it seems to be increasing exponentially. I think I need to call the manager at my "other" job in the morning and see if he can't find me something else. I've been thinking about it for a while, but I think today's shove has made it a necessity.

So that's why there hasn't been a lot of posting going on. Really, you don't want to read about shit like that and I want to write about it even less. Part of the problem is that I'm sleep-deprived more than usual right now. I'm usually more resilient than this, but E's been sick and when she's home from school I'm on duty 24/7 whether I'm working or not. She's back at school now but of course I'm now fighting the cold that she had and then the assmonkeys making the I'm-sure-oh-so-fascinating-TV-show outside my house woke me in the middle of the day today, to tell me that they were moving trucks in late tonight and might wake me.

Thanks, guys. Very considerate.

I've got two hours before I have to leave for work and I can't see a single reason to change my clothes or have a shower, so I'm going to go play Lego with my kid and see if it doesn't improve things.

And then I'm going to work with soy sauce on my sweater. Think the look will catch on?

[wracking my brain to think of something not lame yet encouraging to say]

[can't stop thinking of 70's poster with kute kitten clutching clothesline saying "hang in there baby"]


[facing the yawning chasm of my lack of originality]

Your posts retain the sarcasm and depreciating humor that keeps us coming back for more; you're not losing any readership, we're just wondering how you can work with such total losers who don't appreciate a good Rabbitch when they have one!!!
I can only second the cute kitten poster sentiment... Sincerely hoping things take a turn for the better chez Lapin.
Sorry to hear that work is truely beyond the pale. Been there, done that. Somehow things work out the way they are supposed to, not necesarily the way we think they should.
I bet we've all been there with work. And I bet it still just frickin' bites, even knowing you're not alone. Good luck - hope it gets worked out soon, and that you kick some arse-monkey butt doing it! I'd love to say something clever and witty, too, but I'll leave it to the experts (like you!) Sending you good vibes...
Oh, my dear. I'm so very, very sorry to hear how miserable your work is.

Myself, I'm about *this* far from just packing it all in, driving to Arkansas and selling pies to tourists. Want to come with?
Well shoot, just cause things aren't all sunshine and daisies doesn't mean we don't still want.... Wait, was it ever sunshine and daisies around here??? hehe

Anyways, bad or good, there are bunches of us out here that care about what is goin on with you.
I have so been there before. When part of getting ready for work is tying your stomach up in knots and trying not to puke, then it's just not worth it. Move on, the sooner the better.
Life is far too short to be hatin' the majority of the hours in your day (aka those taken over by the J.O.B.) Maybe it's a sign from the Universe. I'll bet if you left, another door would open to an opportunity that's far better than the current one.

I've got my appendages crossed on your behalf.
Good luck. I can't imagine not reading your blog.

I used to have a job that made me break out in hives every time I had to go to work. That was always fun. And itchy.
Don't let the bastards grind you down.
jeezefuckinglouise....Yep, job change sounds to be in order. I had a job, once upon a time, would get as far as the door out of the house and just stand there and cry, more along the line of rage tears...and really I am a T&COB (tough and crusty old bitch), changed departments, slightly better.
We love you, I love you.
Is it FOAD Thursday yet? ah, tomorrow, so make it FOAD Wednesday.
Hey, bakerina...pies? in Arkansas? where.when.

when you get to the end of the rope? hang on tight!
Hey - I can't think of anything different or better to say than what's already been said. I'd invite you over to use our dryer, but your clothes would be dry by the time you got here anyway. Good luck with your job-hunting - sounds like you've been at the end of your rope long enough!
Lise (in Ottawa - where we might be going on strike in about 10 days)
Hmm, well as a faily loyal reader but rare commenter I've got to tell you that your job saga & the way you write about it is part of what keeps me coming back. You crack me up & help me to laugh at the dark side of things.

Good luck getting a better situation.
Forgot to mention that I caught myself calling someone (I think another driver) an assweasel the other day & thought of you. See? You have great influence.
Having been in what appears to be (from your maddening tidbits of teasing information!) a similar situation at work, I say unto thee "get the fuck out!" sometimes you get caught up in the craziness and it makes you crazy. Trust me. After you get out and have some time to get your head on straight, you'll be asking yourself why you put up with the assweasels as long as you did! Get out!
I know exactly how you feel. My last job treated me just the same. The last straw was when they gathered us all around and said, "We love you guys, and you work so so hard, but people in India are cheaper. It's not you, it's us."
But instead of just laying us off and giving us severance pay, they gave us a loose timeline of "Oh, hang in there for another 24 months; you guys are great and your hair looks terrific!"

Meanwhile, they 'tweaked' our job descriptions to the point where I ended up doing a a job I never would have applied for in the first place - on TOP of my regular job, with no extra pay. Plus 15 hours of mandatory overtime. Every week.

So I cashed out my retirement plan and quit, and my husband did the same, and we sold our cars and moved up to live with his parents.

Aren't you glad I told you all this? Just make sure that if you can't take it anymore, and you have to quit, you don't end up moving in with your in-laws.
Your own work, what _you_ do, is still something to be proud of. It's the work environment that is no longer a thing of value. Look around for other options. Right now it seems that they have found out how far they were out of line, so you have some time to start documenting your past (good) performance reports, and keep all copies where they can't get at them.

Eggs, suck, teaching of: Update your resume: remember you are the proprietor of a small business in your own right and add that to the list of skills. Include your ability to operate a computer. Include the fact that you can write, spell, and punctuate; those are now considered rare and valuable skills in some places.

Does Canada have any kind of aptitude testing for adults, to find a better fit for your talents? The university might be helpful.
Household HINT DU JOUR -- The domestic clothes dryer is the EASIEST appliance to fix yourself.
1. Unplug
2. Pull away from wall & disconnect the vent hose from the dryer (not from the wall).
3. Determine that, indeed, one of the elements has burned out.
4. Telephone to your local appliance repair shop with the model/serial number of your dryer, and order a replacement element.
5. Bring home the new element, pull out the old, plug in the new, replace the back panel and vent hose, shove back to the wall and wah-la.

I've done this a couple of times myself. Sooooo much cheaper than calling in the Repair Guy.

Hope to see you at Janine's next month.
Won't say anything cute or snarky, cuz we don't want to make the Bunny any bitchier. Print those resumes and paper the town. Haunt your union. Take long walks and find a place to scream and cry. And for heaven's sake keep writing. We love ya!
Haven't you heard? Soy sauce is the new black.

(That doesn't quite work, does it?)

We'll keep reading, hon. Maybe sometimes because it's good to read about a life that sucks ass more than ours. And sometimes to hear good news from someone we care about. And so forth.

Time to update the resume and cast the net. Hope Legos was fun.
I'm so sorry you're having to deal with this. I hope you're able to make a change soon.
I'll go along with the Bakerina but, uh, Arkansas? I'd rather do a llama farm & winery here. With a dyeworks out back.
And I don't think your humor is depreciating ;)
I have nothing original to add, just to express support and solidarity for oppressed workers everywhere. And you in particular.
I very much understand the concept of sucks-to-read-about-sucks-to-talk-about. I do the same thing and people I love get rather put out, insisting that they just want to hear from me. They don't always understand that no, I don't want to vent to them and in order to not vent to them I have to avoid talking about certain things and really that takes a bit of effort & energy I'm probably lacking. And sometimes when the shit-sucks factor is in the stratosphere that means there isn't much to talk about. Bottom line from me to you regarding blogging: vent if you want, talk about lame stuff if you want, post when you want. I dig you and am always glad to read anything you write, but more importantly--I am always thinking good thoughts for you and sending out telepathic hugs. (I use the term loosely. Sometimes the "hug" is less warm fuzziness and more "hey, I've got tequila. help me drink it".)
the assweasels where i work think their job is reinventing the wheel and then finding new ways to run us over with it.

wish somebody'd outsource their sorry weasel asses and those of your so-called superiors to a place where the temp's always above 90 and the humidity matches it.

meanwhile, i echo whoever said just keep doing your own personal best, because the only person you have to please "for keeps" is yourself.

blog on -- whatever's on your mind, whether it's gorgeous custom-dyed yarn or miserable, lowdown assweasels!

a. nonnie mouse
It's the rants that keep me coming; even though I loves the fiber too. I think they're trying to get you to quit so they don't have to let you go and pay unemployment. Does it work that way there? Does in the states. A lovely corporate game that's played every day.
Legos cure all.
Except if you step on them barefoot or get them stuck in a vacuum cleaner.
fuck 'em, Rabbitch my sweet. They don't deserve you. Imbeciles.

I had a job once that induced (TMI warning) irritable bowel syndrome. They fired me and it disappeared. Immediately.

I hope you can find another place to be gainfully employed soon so you can dump these tools.
Um, Alarming Female? Maybe "dump" wasn't the best choice of words so close to the Irritable Bowel Thing. ;)
I know what you mean. People always expect me to blog funny too - usually I do.
Change your job ! See how much better you`ll feel. Believe me, the cure is immediate.
well of course there are still readers. It isn't so much what you have to say, dahling...as the WAY you say it :) No one says it better.

Sorry to hear about the copius amount of suckage at work!
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