Wednesday, February 07, 2007


I Am Barely Breathing

The Dreaded House Inspection happens tomorrow and I'm trying to clean and organize everything in one day.

It's been a very very bad week -- a week of people letting me down, work being evil (eviler?), my husband being an inert lump, lack of childcare, and of course they're filming some incredibly important TV show outside of my house, so the few hours of sleep (we're talking three or less a day) that I've managed to grab have been punctuated every 20 minutes with the beep-beep-beep of some fucking truck backing up (this starts at 6:40 every morning and continues pretty much until it's time for me to get up to get my kid from school).

I'm sure it's small of me to complain about this; after all, people need their TV more than I need my sleep, right?


I got oh, maybe an hour of sleep this morning and have been cleaning, tossing, washing and sorting for three hours now. Four rooms are pretty much done (if you're willing to count the bathrooms as "rooms" and right about now I'm taking what I can get) but the worst is yet to come.

So anyhow. This is a post to explain why I'm not posting today. I should be back and kicking either tomorrow or Friday. Unless, you know, I'm locked up.

Oh yes, and there seem to be almost no brakes on my car and the heating element on my dryer just quit. If anyone knows exactly what it is I did in a past life to deserve this if they could drop me a line I'd really appreciate it.

Thanks In Advance.

yes, there is cheese available with this whine

Speaking of cheese with wine, have you ever had those tiny grapes with brie?

Look at this! FSM!!!!
Dude, I cannot even imagine what you could've done in a past life to have this kind of shit coming at you...I keep waiting for the teleport thingie, I'd sure help out with childcare, also the brakes (I've done that before). What the hell kind of film are they made it sound like it happens all the time,heh.
Oh, and don't bogart that cheese, my friend, pass it on over...
I hope life gets better soon, even extra hours of sleep can make all the difference. (Do you know who'd in charge of that teleport maching thingie?)
good grief...'who's' 'machine'...
Thanks for letting us know you won't be posting. I know that exhaustion all too well. Well, seeing as how I'll have more free time soon, I guess I'll follow suit and clean madly, too. And again, you set the trend.

Best of luck with the freaking Home Inspection. Enjoy that beer afterward.
I hope you're planning a nice post inspection party followed by a long sleep.
Re the heating element: Make sure you exhaust vent isn't blocked. That's caused mine to stop before. Oh, and one other time I thought the heating element had cut out. Turns out that some of the crap sitting on top of my dryer had sorta pushed both the "Delicate" and "Regular" heat buttons, so that neither was quite pushed in. The dryer would spin, but no heat.

Luckily for me, I figured this out right BEFORE I started taking the machine apart.

Best of luck with the inspection, and with getting some rest. Sympathies on the car. I'm getting bad vibes from mine these days too.
Whoa, if you didn't have bad luck, you'd have no luck at all at the rate you're going. But maybe this is a sign that better days are ahead. Cross my fingers for the house inspection for ya.
If you would like to get compensated for the film crew waking you up here is what you do: (since you are now awake) Turn your stereo up to the loudest it will go. Open the windows (I know it's cold but it shouldn't take long) If you can start hammering something outside at the same time this will also help. Production will send over some poor assistant to ask you to stop. Refuse them politely and keep doing what ever horrendously noisy thing you were up to.

At that point a producer (or locations manager) will come over and ask you to stop. Tell them you'll stop if they make it worth your while. Ask for $1000, but agree to take $500 in cash. People do this all the time in LA (and production WILL pay since it's cheaper than re-doing the sound in post). It cheap and sneaky, but your sleep is worth it.
We famous for sourdough down here...want me to send some up to go with the cheese+whine? Might as well make a meal out of it ;-)
I'm all for Wen's idea..make yourself some money off that film crew!
If you stuff enough roving in your ears it might block the sound. Otherwise, I'm with plan B and make them pay you big bucks for the lack of sleep.akes
As long as the bathrooms and kitchen are reasonably clean, you're probably good to go. You should get the film crew to pop for a hotel room for you to get some sleep.
I third the money plan. Only I'd start out at $1,200, meself, before getting bargained down; there's compensation for getting in trouble at work for lack of sleep, stress... Plus the exchange rate. [eg} And sympathies on damned inspection. Ours, it's just the apt. owners once in a while, but-- What am I saying? Ours are nuts!

(Marianne - lots of TV filmed in Vancouver. Lots. No idea about now, but some former shows: X-Files, Highlander, The Sentinel. Google Hollywood North.)
Sweeheart, I don't know if you think it will help - but you're the intention in my meditation for today. You need a damn break.
I hope it's really, really good cheese, at least! Sending you happy thoughts...good luck!
Wen's a genius, isn't she? Man, I wish there were a film crew around here.

I sleep with earplugs in every night - back at our old apartment, either my husband's teeth-grinding or the neighbor's a/c unit (kicking on while it's 50° outside, no less) would wake me up. Now we're kinda out in the middle of nowhere, and it's so quiet that I have to sleep with earplugs or else the tiniest noises wake me up.
Raging and ranting about legitimate sources of aggravation does not count as whining. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
Did you survive? You have a lot of people in your corner, hoping for the best in all areas of your life!
There is no way you could have accumulated that much bad karma, it just isn't possible. Unless, you know, you were someone like Attila the Hun, which I know you were not. The fellow couldn't have loved fiber enough to now be you.
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