Sunday, February 11, 2007


Half-Assed and Totally Bummed

The continued Abuse of the Assbeagles (tm) has meant that the weekend's prospective trip to visit The Strumpets of the Steppes had to be cancelled. Well, there were some other reasons also, some having to do with my total lack of organizational skills and others having to do with the dearth of available childcare in this neck of the woods (believe me, calls were made, emails were sent -- one response. nice) but it's far more pleasing to blame others, isn't it?

I consoled myself by going on some sort of foodfest, culminating in a big dish of Spanikopita and a casserole full of Tzatziki appearing from La Cuisine du Lapin. Man, do I love cooking. There was some red wine too, so really the day wasn't a total waste but I was still pretty annoyed.

Today ... dyeing, maybe posting photos despite my ongoing battle with my 7-year-old camera (that's pretty much a dinosaur in digital photography terms, no?) and warping my first loom. Or at least the first warping of my loom -- I may warp the second one first. (to the person who asked in the comments a week or two back, yes, I have two looms. no, I do not weave. yet. i see no problem with this)

But now an update on the half-assed Blow Norma's Head Up contest. We have three winners. First up is trek, who wins a bag of forest green Perendale roving to spin. Secondly, Dharma wins um, something. The foolish girl says she trusts me. Now I have to decide if I'm going to send something nice or, like, some dental floss or something. Then we have Kathryn, who doesn't seem to have a blog, but who will soon be receiving some yarn in the mail. Last but not least, the reason that I put up with having my posts picked apart for an entire month. I'll be dyeing up something special for her later today. Unless my head explodes.

Which is entirely possible. Keep watching the news.

A, shit, you're making me cry again. Damn you.
Too bad spanakopita doesn't ship too well. It's one of my favorites! Also, dental floss is always a useful gift. LOL
You love cookin' the way I love cookin'. Damn straight.
Oh but I DO have a blog. Blogger just doesn't like me because I tried its blogland and didn't like it and moved on to Typepad. Plus I have a really hard time typing those verification *words*. I swear I type them right and then Blogger changes 'em on me. C'mon over to and visit -- the snow is fine!

Best of luck with keeping your head unexploded. It's tough, I know. Life loves to sneak those little firecrackers up our nose and into our ears when we're not paying attention.
You send me dental floss and I will haunt you. Fair warning. Yarn, and lots of it will do very well thank you.
Absolutely no problem with having two looms and not being a weaver (yet). I currently own or co-own three houses. I can only live in one. No, I'm not a rich real estate mogul. I'm a single unmarried woman who just co-inherited two homes from my Mother when she passed away.

I have three houses and I'm only living in one. I see no problem with that. ;-)

Seriously. You'll love weaving. I hope. If not, send the looms to me. I already have two, but I could use one in each of my other houses. If I sound odd or snarky it's because of the current TimeWorthless™ Cable problem that's preventing me from enjoying my necessary Sunday-night guilty pleasure—the thing that keeps me sane all week. Argh!

I have now reached the end of the blog comment hogging. Carry on.
Oh good, because Ive just warped my first loom. It would have helped if I'd worked out which was the front and back before I'd started warping. My efforts in weaving so far are a total bag of poop.
Sorry your plans are ruined. Maybe the fact that I've been shopping will cheer you up ? ...

Your Favourite Color Swap Pal.
Congratulations to all the lucky winners!

I don't like to cook. Good thing other people do. I can only "make things hot" and that doesn't always count as cooking.
I'm so sorry you didn't get to hang out with Ryan and TMK this weekend, that is arse....but I'm glad you had such a good time cooking....and eating,....and drinking....and I'm telling you..we need to find out who's in charge of that teleporty gizmo...knittery,fibrey folks need that thing up and running!
Dental floss?!? I could have won DENTAL FLOSS?!? Shit, why didn't I enter.
This has nothing to do with this post - not to say I didn't enjoy it!
I am currently going through my stash and getting rid of things I know I will never use that are jsut taking up space. I know you live in my neck of the woods, and I also know that you have organized some drives for some local organizations. Knowing all this, I was hoping you might be able to help me. I want to know if there are any organizations that would like to recieve a fairly good amount of yarn. All different colours, all different kinds. . .

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