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Dulaan Red
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Okie dokie, I'm rushing out to work, as always, but wanted to show off some of my latest distractions. First up, this is some of the wool that was foisted on me, undyed, at Mary B's Dulaan-fest last year. Some is now dyed, as you can see.

Dulaan Green
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And here we have more wool dyed for Dulaan. Apparently I have no shame and don't mind showing it off before it's skeined. It'll look better than this tomorrow, honest. This and the red will be coming with me to Seattle on March 17 to be shared about. I hear rumours that there will be some other colours as well.

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And here we have the first of four skeins of sock yarn. Very fraternal socks will come out of this lot -- there's no way to make them match. I seem to have dyed it while completely mental and I don't remember exactly what I did but I love them so I hope I remember soon. These will be up for sale on the clickything at the side tomorrow.

Concord Grape
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And here's the yummy purple stuff, skeined at last. There are four skeins of this for a total of about 700 yards. This colour is close, but it's maybe a little redder. It's the colour of Concord Grapes, apparently. Again if you're interested check the clickything tomorrow, I'll update after The Meeting from Hades that is occurring at 10am.

There has been little to no knittery committed around this neck of the woods. It would seem that when I'm this stressed, all I can do is compulsively, fiendishly, knit washcloths.

Useful, as all of mine need to be replaced, but hardly creative. I expect to finish another two at work tonight.

Apparently I'm going to be very well-washed.

You're better than I am. When I'm stressed I bite offenders heads off, take vicodin and muscle relaxers, and cry over sappy commercials.
Heh! I WISH I had Vicodin! Me want some of the Dulaan Red! And the Concord Grape! Yummy!
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Goo_d_ thoughts for the meeting. . .
You really got your color on! Those are REALLY nice!
i tried to post this before:

if you can, take a tiny tape recorder to the mtg from h-e-double hockey sticks. be pleasant and professional and let them make asses of themselves.

a. nonnie mouse

btw, the yarn colors are yummy!
My stress release typically involves chocolate which typically involves exponentially increasing the size of my ass, so the washcloth thing sounds pretty impressive to me. I'll be thinking of you in your meeting from hell with the bastard coated bastards with bastard filling. You rock, and they suck. Oh, and I'm craving that concord grape in a big way.
Kick ass and take no prisoners.

Hey, what're you doing in Seattle in March?
When I was pregnant and the baby was stealing my brain, all I could knit were washcloths. I donated a bunch to the local knitting guild and let them sell them to fundraise. Then I found a bib pattern based on the washcloth, with I cord ties. They got a bunch of those, too. And they'll probably get more of them soon.... I just can't seem to concentrate, but this time I think it's lack of sleep. The baby is 4 months old....
no unwashed masses at your place, huh? good luck for the meeting. kick ass & take names!
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