Sunday, February 18, 2007


Comments on Comments

Seems I'm a horrible bitch and don't list my email address anywhere (I thought I had but clearly the senility is more advanced than I suspected) so I've got all of these comments I have to respond to. And of course some of the commenters didn't leave their email addresses ...

So, here we go:

Feb 3 - Kristen, I didn't even mention your contest. I suck. Let me know when you start your next one, k? I won't fuck up a second time. Or at least not on purpose.

Feb 4 - Yes, Ann, I was stifled. That's why I'm such a lunatic now. (my story and I'm sticking to it)

Feb 7 - It's a TV show. I think it's had a couple of seasons. Hopefully the whole town burns down this season or something and they can film it somewhere else.

Feb 11 - Stephanie, please feel free to drop me a line at bunniegirl at shaw dot ca if you'd like, however I'd recommend either a senior's centre, a thrift store such as one of the hospital thrift stores, the SPCA thrift store or the Sally Ann, or put it on Craigslist and someone'll actually come and get it right from your door.

Feb 13 - Carol, although I have your email address I'm clearly too much of a twat to bother emailing. I'm going to Seattle to knit for Dulaan and cavort and buy a lot of bath stuff and give away some wool. If you're anywhere near Seattle, drop me a line and we can cavort together.

Feb 15 - Ann, clearly I invent time out of thin air. Either that or I'm spending all of my housecleaning time on fun stuff. The place is an utter tip and I just don't care. Lee Ann, yes, he's cute. And married. As am I. Dammet. Larissa, I don't know what knitalong that was, I haven't joined one in a long while and don't recall whining of late -- was this an old message? Drop me an email if you would, anyhow.

And now I'm going to go and not have a cold, and maybe skein some wool 'cause I just sold Concord Grape and I think she expects it to be knittable when I drop it off ... feh (some people! *g*)

Horrible bitch? Wear it proud, friend.

thanks for sending some soap biz my way, too...
hi, rabbitch --

speaking of comments, i posted -- or tried to -- some ideas about the at-work mess. if you "disappeared" them, that's perfectly ok, but if you didn't make entries signed a. nonnie mouse vanish, there's a bug in your blogging . . . not nearly as bad as rats, but it still bites.

luv your blog, rants and all (some days, especially the rants, as i could post a bunch of my own, were i so inclined).

a. nonnie mouse
Thanks - I think I settled on the Sally Ann. They're closest. . .
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