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Be My Valentine

Be My Valentine
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Oh my. Well, yesterday was such an interesting meeting at work. Interesting and informative.

For instance it was interesting that everyone at the meeting was informed that the meeting wasn't about the issues that it was about, and most definitely not about me, despite the meeting having been called specifically about me (and in writing in a saved email thank you very much I'm not stupid). Interesting in that not one of the issues in the email were addressed, owing to the person who sent it having discovered that she would be very, very fucked if she brought any of the non-issues up. And possibly look like a twat.

I must say that my meeting with my union rep after the "meeting", which turned into an information session to share information that I didn't need and hadn't requested and wasn't relevant was far more interesting. And informative.

And that's all I have to say about that.

And here's a special valentine I made, just for the person responsible for robbing me of two hours of sleep and making my husband have to turn down a shift at work at considerable expense to my family.

You're welcome.

I think I would have personally chose "Shit head" but you're more diplomatic than I am. What an idiot pain in the ass. I'm sorry you had to go through that.
Ahhh, the sound of things going around and coming around, perhaps? Love the valentine! Do they make conversation hearts that say "A** WZL", do you think?! Relax and dye some more of that gorgeous wool!
I hope the interesting information is useful in some way.
I think I would buy conversation hearts that said A**WZL. I've seen "bad fortune" cookies; I wonder how much it would cost to get a special order of conversation hearts made.
Come to think of it, aren't there bakeries that use a computer to spray colored icing (instead of inkjet ink) onto cake tops - all commercial characters, of course, but it ought to be possible to get a special slogan done...

Sleep! (And find out from the union rep whether you can claim overtime for the meeting.)

that's all.
Mine would have started with a capital C. Just sayin.
Good luck, chickie. Hope your union is one with backbone. Sounds like a nasty situation.
I would mention the lost income in any complaint I filed. And, yeah, try to get overtime. What a pain in the arse.

Sounds like you got through it all without recourse to alcohol. I salute you. (Or would you prefer a bottle? Red or white?)
I think you could make a fortune in the subversive candy heart business. consider a career change!
Baubo said it.
There was a similar meeting here recently, although it was for managers and above, not my little peon self. Apparently, they were all told (paraphrasing), "You suck, and my group isn't doing any more work." There was finger pointing, wondering who would be the first to mow down said executive in the parking lot (she sneaked out the back apparently) and much documentation of how wrong she truly was. She came out looking like a moron. My manager couldn't talk about it for two days because her face would get red and her blood pressure would go up.
I have NO idea what is going on at your work, but I send sympathy, as I've been following your work nuances for awhile. Love the conversation heart, very funny, but your yarn dying is GORGEOUS. Lucky are those that can get such rich colors...
Never have I seen an event so perfectly described with literally "nothing" being said. I salute you!!
Another blog you might enjoy:

I am not this person, or an agent of this person. Just think the knitting & the red wine might be enuf of a bond.
I am so sorry that work is sucking snot wads these days.
I suspect that part of the reason I was laid off last year (after 26 years) had something to do with not putting up with people treating me badly. However, things are looking up a bit now, so I hope that they will improve for you too!
(Crossing my fingers that this will show up, as Blogger seems to hate me, at least based on the number of my comments it seems to eat. Then again, it might have something to do with trying to comment from LuthorCorp after hours. Hmmmm.)

I know you don't need me to tell you that Person Who Sent the E-mail deserves some two-fisted, grisly humiliation, but I'll tell you anyway. What a nematode. It sounds like you exhibited much more grace than I would have in a similar situation. You're a better man than I am, Gunga Din.

I'm with ann. Subversive hearts. You'd rule the market. Think about it.
Oh, and I forgot to mention before hitting send: I think you completely, utterly and totally rock. You are a wonder.
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