Saturday, February 17, 2007


And Now I Am a Star

I promise I won't forget all of the little people.

The little people in my head who told me I'm a star, that is.

Had the first guitar lesson today and I must say I was brilliant. Sheer talent at its finest.

I took an hour and a half to learn two chords, which I could repeat perfectly and without hesistation if I looked at the chart where I wrote them down. Well, if "perfectly" means "sort of half-assedly" and "without hesitation" means "stumblingly, sort of like a weasel on crack". And if you didn't ask me their names.

Oh yeah, and I re-strung and tuned the guitar. Apparently I tie good knots. All of those hours of twisting wires for stitch markers and earrings has seemingly paid off. Seeing they're new strings, I'm supposed to stretch the strings and retune it every two hours or so for the next two days. Ben says he'll wake me up in time to do it.

One more chord and I'm ready to start my world tour. I'm going to let Lala's Band open for me.

I'll let you know when tickets go on sale.

truly? it was just about the nicest afternoon i've spent in a long time. i'm seeing him again in three weeks. i should have figured those chords out by then.

awesome, sister. :D
Dude. I could hear you all the way in Wisconsin. You sounded great.
Very in the making?
That's just great. I want to take up piano again too... where'd you find the time?!
Totally cool. You rock ('n'roll), as always.
Brava! Encore!
Hooray for learning new skills!
Yay for trying new things! A long time ago when I took guitar lessons they told me that practice was supposed to help (I never did though, so I don't know). Good luck!
You weren't a star before?

Well, of course we all knew it. :)
Is he cute?
See you at the Grammys!
Hi there, I'm contacting you via comments because I don't have your email address. I was concerned because I saw your message on another website about having a bad experience with a knitalong I hosted. I really want to make it up to you if possible! What happened? Please let me know.

I keep reading the title and seeing, "And now I am a porn star." So of course, my response is, "*Now*???"

You know 2 more chords on the guitar than I do. Watch out, The Artist Formerly Known As Prince!
My little guy is taking guitar lessons and he rocks. We should get you two together and you guys can be "RandyWench and TheMidget". Whaddya think?! LOL
Oh congratulations, Rabbitch. Playing the guitar is capital F fun. I played for years but somewhere along the way lost my guitar. Kind of like my virginity but with less of the "THIS is it?"
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