Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Yarn Porn

Originally uploaded by Rabbitch.
I'm running out the door to work, but seeing you're all panting for some yarn porn, here is 900 metres of something yummy (I think it's called Ottawa) by Handmaiden. It's supposed to be a kit for a skirt but people with butts like mine shouldn't wear knitted skirts, so it's destined to be some sort of wrap or cardigan or something. A wrap I think.

Originally uploaded by Rabbitch.
And this is 50 grams of cashmere, again from Handmaiden. I don't know how long it is but really, seeing I plan on wearing it in my bra until the day I die, does it matter? The photo hardly does it justice. I could eat this.

And that's all the porn that's fit to print Ch├ęz Lapin today.

You do have the best porn! That stuff is very, very, nice
right,m i will just post here then I am going to leave my desk!

Came here via the colour swap, great to meet artistic inspiration!

Right, just one more look!

hmmmmmmmmmmmm ok, just another 5 minutes then I WILL move!
Holy Smokes, Woman! That top photo, the colour is making me moan, and the cashmere...since I don't/can't wear bras,I'd consider making some kind of little thingie just for being next to what breasts I do have, oooooh, the softness of it all!
Thank you, I needed that!
oooh I can feel that skein of yarn from here but its warm! hey! it wasn't really in there was it?

happy color swap 2ing...from another Marianne :^)
Gorgeous! I really want to get my hands on some of that Handmaiden seasilk but I still can't decide on ONE color.
Is that cashmere in your bra.. or are you just happy to see me?
Ooh, I feel so dirrrrty. More please!
Okay, first I just have to say that I have yet to find ANYONE who can wear a knitted skirt! (hopefully I haven't offended anyone).

as for the yarn porn - oooooh, ahhhhh, more, more, oooh, yes, it's so good.
Oh yeah, Baby. You know how I like it. I'm surprised you got the cashmere out of your bra long enough to photograph it...I'd have found it a struggle.
No fair I tell you. You taunt so well. Of touching cashmere and wool I can only dream (allergies) - ah, but I do have quite the imagination...drool.
I've touched both of those.
You're all jealous. ;)

oh.. and word verification is imflrt.

omg, rabbitch.
I love the colors on the cashmere.
mmm, thank YOU. I'll enjoy it vicariously (for now).
The Ottawa is wonderful. I used it for my knitting Olympics shawl last year. I won't speak of the cashmere, it's so soft and lovely that I get confused and start making little animal noises. Then I embarass myself.
I wasn't going to tell you this, but I'm getting a cashmere goat. Two more angoras as well, but also one gigantic peach colored cashmere. IF I can find a trailer with which to pick them up.
Oooh! I got two skeins of Ottowa, Renaissance color scheme I think. Gorgeous rainbow color progressions. It was my souvenir for our trip to Nova Scotia, and knitting a seed/moss stictch throw out of it. It should just take, oh, forever.
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