Friday, January 19, 2007


The Terrible Stash

I'm utterly horrified by the amount of fibre I have here. I hadn't really thought about it, but in the last two months ...


Knat 6 dishcloths for co-workers. Gave another friend 3 balls of cotton for her sister for Xmoose. Gave my mother four balls of cottong for xmoose.

Gave 15 or so balls of yarn to a lady who makes hats for the Downtown Eastside people. Gave 2 balls to E for her knitting machine. Made a pair of dorm boots for mum, some mittens, etc -- so 2 or 3 balls there.

32/33 total balls of yarn down


Knat 1 cotton washcloth for me. Used 2 balls for hats for Josette. Donated 25 balls to the Girl Guides and another 12 balls to the hat lady. 4 balls of something to a friend.

44 down, for a total of 76/77 balls.

And it hasn't made one jot of difference.

Now, a lot of this yarn here isn't "my" stash, the stuff that went to the hat lady and the Girl Guides was stuff that was donated for the charity thingie I do (and which I am stopping doing very soon). Some of it (the GG stuff) was appropriate for that project and they'll be using it for that, some of it wasn't which is why it went to the hat lady.

But really. REALLY, people.

So I'm not going to buy anything for my birthday. I was going to go all mental and get some Manos and some Sea Silk but I'm going to step up to the plate and be mature and pay the gas bill instead.

Although I am getting that swift. And um, I may have bought another loom.

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If my head didn't hurt so much, I'd be lol on the loom purchase/oops comment.

Did you slip and fall again? You pushed the purchase button on the way down?

It is verra nice though.
oops. 'oops?' just 'oops'?
I know it's not until Sunday but I'm thinking, with the new loom and all, we should start up with the birthday wishes already. A Birthday Weekend if you may.
Happy Birthday to Rabbitch weekend!
Happy early Birthday! Purchases made in one's birthmonth do not count.
Happy Berfday.. early. Its a very nice loom.. I think.. not like I know squat about looms.
As long as it followed you home, you can keep the loom, it looks like a BIG one.
Hey, looms use LOTS of yarn! Of course, the also encourage you to buy cones of yarn. CONES of yarn....

Be very afraid.

(Seriously, wish *I* had a loom again! Congratulations.)
I've only had my wheel for two months but I'm already coveting a loom. And a yurt. A yurt for the back yard (since hubby won't give me the tool shed). Is that too much to ask? I think not.

Happy birthday!
I just HATE when money slips out of my wallet like that and I have to bring something new home.

Happy B-day too!
I was gonna get you a vacuum. But you know, like birthdays, they suck.

Nice loom, though
Happy Birthday! And, um... nice oops!
Nice sectional beam. I've been thinking about getting one of those. Love my looms. But the comment about coned yarns was right. Start doing supplemental warps, fast, so you can use up some of the Stash.
Hey, when you start worrying about the size of your stash, looms are an essential. That's the reason I started taking weaving classes - I had all this handspun and didn't knit. (What was I thinking? Well, I was in my 20's. I'm much older now. Not necessarily wiser.) Looks like a great one, wonderful birthday gift to yourself, never can have too many fiber-crafting tools. Warp in good health!

Er... I mean the loom. It doesn't sound like you need help getting warped, am I right? ::grins and runs::
Ooops indeed! But hey, it's not yarn.
After the rodent encounters, I think you deserve a new loom.
So tell me, where are you going to put it?

Happpy birthday, bunniegirl.
Moving up from skeins to cones huh?
Happy Birthday!

(did you get rid of the piano to make room for the loom? Or do you have a whole room just for loom & yarn? Sweet.)
Not oops. Whee!
Thank you for the word 'knat'. I've been uncomfortable with 'knitted', since the past tense of quit, spit, and fit are the same as the present tense. I think I've been using the rules for the word fit wherever I need conjugation guidelines for knit; I don't say 'I knitted a cock sock', but I would use it as an adjective and say that it's a 'fitted, knitted cock sock' if it weren't out of wool (he's allergic).

After catching flack for telling people that it 'snew' here and that Firefox's spellcheck 'froke out', I'm glad that someone else is taking charge and streamlining the language. Misspellings are a completely different animal - just axe Norma. Verbs are the new black.
The older you get the bigger the toys :-) Lovely Loom!
i am commenting just to say that the word verification for this comment is "wagpipe".

Sweet! Now I know who I'm going to dump all my chenille on.
Happy Birthday you stinking liar!

just kiddin and you know it....chalk it up to loom envy.
Notice that the word "ooooh" is in "oops"? OOOOOOOH. New loom! Wicked cool. Congratulations/Happy Barfday! When you say, "another" loom, should I understand this to mean that this is not Loom #1 in your household? (Forgive me. I'm newish here. Only been reading knitblogs since September.)
Hey is your birthday NOW!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hoping your day is full of surprises, the good kind,eh?
Wishing you the best of all worlds.

WV: nofyazdo
Happy Happy Birthday! Enjoy your day, congratulate yourself on paying that gas bill, and then get going on the loom!

By the way, I have a pound-and-a-half cone of very lightweight cotton, perfect for warps or wefts or other weave-y things. Do you want? Free birthday gift? Temptress, I am.
Hey, it's January 21st!
What does that mean? It's a Rabbitch birthday!

Happy Birthday, Rabbitch!!!!!!!
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