Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Taking Ass and Kicking Names

I'm back up on my feet again. The ennui, angst, weltschmertz, schadenfreude and haasenpfeffer that was dogging me yesterday seems to have been pushed firmly back into place.

Which is good, because it sucks to feel that bad.

I chalk it up to being in mourning for the 300th anniversary of the legislative union between Scotland and The People Who Inhabit The Lower Half of Our Island.


I wouldn't have a problem with it if it weren't for the whole oppression thingie. Oh, and stealing shit and making us suck up to the German royalty but you know, I don't really have an opinion about it.

(all comments bashing me for rampant Scottish Nationalism will be deleted. This blog is not a democracy. And if you're in the UK you should be used to that by now.)

So hey, back to wool. I went to work last night and had a fun time and then came home and cooked up a batch of stuff for Stephanie's Knitters Without Borders dealie (450 yards of worsted weight corriedale/border leicester cross; grown, spun and dyed --aubergine -- in BC) and a pile of sock yarn that will either be gorgeous or pathetic; we'll find out tomorrow when it's dry enough to mess about with. So far it seems to be ranging from really really dark red to claret but it'll lighten up after it's dried. It was not meant to be varigated and if it's total ass I'll overdye it tomorrow and we will never speak of this again.

I'm heading to bed now, I have to work again tonight. Just wanted to let you know that a) I'm feeling much better now and b) I think the bruise on my leg may resemble Lithuania.

Oh, and you MUST all go see this video. It is not even marginally work-safe or child-safe. It was sent to me by LaLa in a politically-incorrect but completely successful attempt to cheer me up.

I have my first guitar lesson on Saturday. She's requested that I learn that song.

I sorta think I could pull it off.

thank you, i needed that.

now i need a paper towel to wipe the water off my screen.
Mmmm, haasenpfeffer. It's the perfect weather for it, too.
Ack! Thwarted by the workplace internet usage restrictions! Must wait until home to view the must-see video.

And my dear, this night we'll down a round in the name of Rampant Scottish Nationalism!
weltschmertz, schadenfreude and haasenpfeffer we have the same lawyers

Always a lala fan That girl has good taste

I was just wondering ..... are all of the rats gone?
That's fucking hilarious!
Oh jeez, I wish I hadn't seen that. That's going to haunt me for the rest of the night. I have a grammar lesson for a 9-year-old to prepare. Must think pure thoughts.
If you need somebody to sing harmony for you, I'm all yours! That's bloody great. Thanks for sharing!
Well, do you?

That was too damn funny :)
Hahaha, and beautifully sung too!

I put that vid up, real quiet-like because the boy is asleep... and my husband walks up behind me and says "What, you haven't seen that yet?"

After doing laundry all day that was definitely just what I needed. Thanks!
Blogger UP!
OK - now I have an NSW earworm. Well worth it though; I needed a good laugh.
Glad you're feeling better. Cool-Lithuania-I'm ½
You mean some people think there's something wrong with rampant Scottish nationalism? bastards!

I almost inhaled a cheerio when I got to the haasenpfeffer part. Must go watch the video now...
Aye, something wrong with rampant Scottish nationalism? beyond bastards!
That video! laughing so hard I'm in tears.....and they sounded so 'pretty'.....THANK YOU!!!!!!!!
I am so glad to hear you're feeling better!
oh good lord that song was funny.
I was just going to say "Up the Republic!" but Mark reminded me of this Brendan (yes, why?) Behan quote:

I feel sorry for the Scots,
They'll never be free.
But there's a sea
Between England and me.

(that may be a paraphrase.)
I laughed...I cried..I snorted..I had to delurk to say THANK YOU!
TULACH ARD! i'm scots myself (while not born there, alas). i think england has a lot to answer for. just think of all the bad karma. maybe tony blair will come back as a mosquito so we can squish him?
Thank you. I was afraid I'd have the Tardis song stuck in my head all day. This will be more interesting.
it's got a good beat and you can dance to it!

so fuckin' funny, i can't stand it. now, i will have to try to get that song out of my HEAD. i am a nurse and in my career have seen one too many dudes who DID take something in the ass and had to COME see me about it. very HARD to keep a straight face. cologne bottle, anyone?
Is it Robbie Burns' Day or St. Andrew's Day that's coming up?

As my father used to say, "If it's not Scottish, it's crap."
I've noticed that there isn't a tune entitled England the Brave.

Just sayin'.

And what's with importing their people to the north of the island nextdoor? hmm.
Hey there Scots try not to forget that some of us fellow socialists were deeply grateful that you were as red as rouge.Indeed as a socialist we all need to remember governments, monarchies put out propaganda that suits them and many a fool might believe it but I'd say "Workers of the World unite" and all us "English" are far from pure English whatever that is !! England has been brave ,the rotten monarchies,govts etc not so .Divided is fine ,friends is better.
Mr. K and I both thank you for the lilting melody...laughed until we cried. Now, any ideas how to get it out of my head...?
I saw the video yesterday and even though I found it hilarious, I got involved in other things and forgot about it. Then today was the monthly appointment with my shrink (me--bi-polar, medicated to the gills) and all of a sudden I wanted to ask the question. I did not, I guess that proves the meds are working.
Screive it doun please! A kinna hair th'video! P.S. Almost peed myself over that one! Also - at least 1/4 Scots here!
Too weird.. I was just thinking of that song yesterday. If any of you ever get a chance to see The Wet Spots (that's the gang in the vid) live, DO.. ALL of their songs are that raunchy, sweet, and funny :)

Is Aubergine an uber-bright purple as the photo shows, or is it eggplanty? Mmm.. .eggplanty :)

Thanks for the frequent blogs.. you're a daily hit!
The vid was wildly funny - thanks for the laugh, proving once again that knitters aren't stodgy.
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