Sunday, January 28, 2007


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Dharma tagged me for a meme today and the world is a better place for it, as I seem to be swimming about in a slimy green puddle of cranky today and really you just don't want to hear the thoughts that are falling out of my head right now.

OK, so, five things you probably don't know about me:

1. I used to live in an animal hospital. I had a room and a kitchen of my own but I took my baths in the dogbath in the middle of the big room full of cages with all of the cats and dogs watching me.

2. I used to play the flute. I sucked at it. Which is sort of a pity when you think about it, because you're supposed to blow.

3. The smell of lavender, which is supposed to be relaxing and calming and such, gets me angry.

4. I like doing laundry. It is quite possibly the only household task at which I am not completely incompetent (apart from cooking, which I'm fairly decent at, but I consider that a privilege rather than a task).

5. I sometimes write poetry. There's a good chance it sucks.

There. And I'm supposed to tag five people but I've already tagged so many people for so many things I think that I'll get strangled if I do so again. So, um, do it if you feel like it.

Lavender makes me gag.
Lavender I love. It's laundry that makes me gag.
Lavender and laundry, I like them both, in fact love them both. Bobby thinks lavender smells like something rotten..seriously, like some nasty rotted thing....and GD really doesn't care for it either.
Did you hear a lot of wolf whistles, yowling, etc when you showered at the animal hospital?
I'm starting to worry about your mental health. You seem to be cranky a lot. CLEARLY you are not drinking enough. Please stop whatever it is you are doing and go have a beer immediately.
I don't necessarily LIKE doing laundry, but I HATE when dh does it. So, I do it. I wonder what the dogs and cats thought... Lily of the valley and Dove soap and lotion do to me about what lavender does to you. And when I was feeling pretty sucky that we had to do a 45 day rabies quarantine, I kept saying "at least my husband isn't dying of cancer" (a friend's is) and "at least my son didn't do 3 tours in Iraq, come home, and die within 6 months in a car accident" (this happened too). But "at least my vagina didn't fall out" is WICKED FUNNY. When I read the headline, I could only think of a anti bush bumper sticker "of course it hurts, you're getting screwed by an elephant"!
I am SOOO happy that someone else doesn't love Lavender. It's all over the place in my industry (spa) and I loath the scent. Give me peppermint, roses, orange, anything else. Love your blog!

Anna M
Hmmm...yes, I think you are supposed to blow (as far as I recall--I used to play the flute, too, but it's been awhile). And for me, it's the rose scented things that I hate. Love the smell of real ones, gag at the fake stuff. Gag at laundry, too. But hey--at least my vagina didn't fall out. Hopefully yours hasn't yet, either?
You used to play the flute? That's interesting, as you don't strike me AT ALL like the flute-playing type. When I was in band each instrument group seemed to attract distinct perrsonalities. Trumpets were mostly arrogant bastards, a French horn player I knew went to Yale, and tubas were kind of..staid personalities.

Heh, peepshow for the doggies and kitties.
I hope your vagina is still in there.
Lavender gives me headaches.
I like lavendar fine, it's patchouli that makes me want to punch something (probably because whenever I smell it, it's emanating from someone else in the same restaurant, and interfering with my ability to enjoy my food.) It smells like mildew.
I like doing laundry too. It's amazing you don't have a shrink to work through bathing issues. MEooowww!
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