Thursday, January 11, 2007


Silk Stalkings

Well, it would seem that my karma just ran over my dogma and all that.

I just had the event that I'd been expecting for years, occur. Someone from my past just inserted themselves into my present.

I hope you're still reading this whoever you are.

The Only and the shoes. That tells me you know me. Man, I used to have a lot of good shoes.

Drop me a line at bunniegirl at shaw dot ca won't you?

And now, a rat just ran over my foot ...aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhii

Another one really?

*shudder* arruughhh
Man, I hate it when people act all mysterious and shit.

Also, if that rat is going to be living in your house and eating and generhally making a mess of things it should really start doing some chores.
Mmm... tasty peanut butter... right over heeeeeere...


Nothin better. (If I were closer, I'd clean out the trap for ya. You know that, right?)
to heck with chores, make him pay rent (the rat, i mean)
A rat? . _Strange_ ; you used to have so many cats.




Lots of folks lurk.
I just liked the line about the car, it's so you.
Unlike a real gopher, once you stick your head up on usenet/irc/email/news you can't pull it back down. grin
You know who I am anyhow.

Your it.

Hi. Tis me. I actually have something quite interesting for you to accompany me to the evening of the 10th, if you are so interested. (Burlesque. And Rollergirls. You have to come.)

Also, just happens to be my berfday that weekend. So you need to come out. :)
I'm thinkin' rat over foot = goose over grave. ;)

Belated sympathies on rat (been there, in multiplicate) and gackitis (currently recovering over here, thus belatedness). I swear, everyone in the blogiverse is catching something. May it be the last you get this year!

(quxogtnj? what, Blogger's channelling Cthulhu??)
I'm with monica on the 'rat over the foot' thing, because I am so hoping you don't have another rat in your house, although if there is you'll take care of it.

I think 'Past Time' is terribly insensitive, and cruel.

Has that fucking coffee gotten to you yet? I ran a check on the customs form number and all I get is that it was accepted at the post office I posted it from..arrrgghh.
I'm getting pissed.
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