Thursday, January 18, 2007


What I Did On My Five-Hour Vacation

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I dyed wool of course. Wouldn't anyone?

Four skeins, two at 200 yards, one at 145 yards and one at 150 (let's just call them both 145 'cause you know I'm not going to measure them again and they got all mixed up in the dyeing. Border Leicester/Corriedale cross, grown, spun and dyed in B.C. I don't know where the dyes were made and I'm too lazy to go and check (Ciba Acid Dyes if you really need to know) but that sounds pretty homegrown to me.

Once it's dry it'll be for sale at $13.50 for the 200-yard skeins and $9.75 for each of the two others, plus postage.

Oh dear sweet FSM, I just did math. I'm going to have to go lie down now for a bit.

FIVE-HOUR vacation? Lucky.

(sarcasm, in case you didn't pick that up.)
You certainly know how to picnic-pack those vacations....the yarn is gorgeous. You do good dye.
Uh-oh - I might need this one! I'll be in touch......

Of course, I have to wait for you to give it a fancy name first!
Your yarn looks great! Wow, 5 whole hours. You're just living in the lap of luxury!
OMG that video! So polite and so risque all at once. DH heard it and said "put in some other music so that jingle doesn't get stuck in my head all day". You might need to get away or something to get more than 5 hours.
Okay, if this posts twice, it's not my fault, I swear, it's (&*&^^%% blogger.

I'm holding out for the colorway called "Rat Droppings."

A nice rich brown, I think.
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