Wednesday, January 10, 2007


In Which I Lye Some More

Thank you, Anonymous, for pointing out my misspelling yesterday. There's a contest going on. And you are a bit of a twat pain in the butt but seeing I just slept something like 11 hours I'll let you live.

And also seeing I don't know who you are 'cause you didn't post under a name and all.

Anyhow, I said there would be hat pictures and prizes today and clearly I lied because there's nothing of the sort. I've been fighting some sort of cold/resp. thingie plus some vague GI irritation (I think it's called post-Christmasitis, or maybe even "I'm knitting something on US1 needle-itis but whatever). I got home about 6:45 this morning (it's snowing), lay there for half an hour trying to decide if I wanted to barf or if I was just tired, slept for an hour and got up, realized there was in fact MORE snow and my car wouldn't make it up the hill to my kid's school, called her in absent due to snow and then went back to bed. And apart from brief awakenings by the sprog for such important things as finding mittens (oops, I was supposed to knit another one when her second one went missing!) and a delivery of a birthday card from Ann (thank you!) I just passed out for another eleven hours. So, um, I guess for the knit-pickers amongst us I actually slept 12 hours but anyhow. Whatever. I slept.

A lot.

And now I'm going to work so there will be no pictures of the three FOs for the year, but I'll add soemthing to the sidebar anyhow.

And maybe you'll get pictures of something tomorrow.

and for the people who asked why I'm not using Blogger to post, it won't work for me. it's not working like a dream, it isn't easier than flickr, and rebooting makes no difference. so yeah, there will be a little formatting fuckery until i buy my own domain later in the year but everyone will just have to put on their big girl pants and deal with a lack of perfection, although i know perfection is exactly what you've come to expect from me in the last two and a half years.

Funny how we can use this little amount of snow to get out things.

Got out of a mere drive across town to uhill today.

Just waited a couple more hours and said: "can't come, it's snowing".
I think we should just go back to spelling the middle english know, vowels and consonants thrown in at the writers whim.
Sorta jealous of your sleep achievement.
Wow. That kinda sleep means you NEEDED it. Hope you're feeling better.
Oh...I'm jealous of your sleep achievement. I'm coming down with "something" and it's waking me up every two hours just to tell me, "Hey! You're uncomfortable! Roll over 200 times!" Yay! for snow days! (at least in your case it seemed to help matters)

I bet anonymous from yesterday was Norma! She's on to you! LOL.

Can't wait to see your FOs!
I'm impressed with your sleep achievement...this old body with the old achey joints won't allow it, yeah, some kind of 'itis'.
Hoping whatever virus you 'might' have burns itself out and hits the door soon. Feel better, oh wait, you already do feel better, continue to feel better.........mmmm, snow days.

seriously, you get some of the best word verifications. bulyogs.
Almost got coffee up my nose .... big girl pants ....
Ooooh, sleeeeeepppp.
I hope you feel better. Can I pull a Norma and give you a home-remedy? (If not, stop reading here.) I like to put a few drops of eucalyptus oil in a pan of hot water and breathe in the steam as deeply as I can stand it. Since I started that, I get no chest colds. My husband refuses to do it, and gets at least two a year.)
Gawd, but you're a pisser. I love your warped sense of humor. My blog isn't on Blogger. I have my own site at stop by for a visit!
I'm sorry, but I can't get past the part where you slept eleven hours. Eleven hours? You? What have you done with Rabbitch?
Do you seriously have THREE FO's for 2007 already? You are making me LOOK BAD! I thought you were my clutch girl!
That just says that "Anonymous" isn't as bright as she thinks she is.

"Viola" in place of "Voila" was a joke.

Sort of like saying "Au Reservoir" for "Au Revoir".
Some people pick nits. Some pick their noses. Like "anonymous,"
Perfection? Of course. You are perfect. Just as you are, you are perfect.
Like I said, Blogger always liked me better.

I hope you can continue to sleep as much as you need. It sounds like you have a truly delectable combination of ailments, what with the respiratory and pukatory factors you mentioned. Get well.
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