Thursday, January 25, 2007


Getting Eddicated

I spent most of my "down time" at work last night eagerly perusing my weaving book. It's the book that someone recommended in the comments -- that, most fortuitously, is the book that was sent to me with my first loom (yes, I have a problem but at least I'm not on crack. Much.) and it seems to be well-written and thorough.

And horrifying. Because it's fascinating and I have to start doing this 18 hours a day and, you know, I just don't have time to work any more and I can't make a living doing this fiber thing unless I start tripling my prices which would be unfair and stupid, so um. Yes.

Obsessive much? So kind of you to notice.

I'm heading back to work right now, hopefully to a quiet night so I can read more. And figure out how I can divorce Ben and marry for money so I don't have to work any more even though I'm too old to be a trophy wife and the thought of ever marrying again is disgusting anyhow.

I'm doomed.

Maybe you could work out some kind of arranged marriage for the kid and figure out how to make money off of that. Then someone else could worry about whether she wants noodles or grilled cheese! ;-)
"18 hours a day." "Doomed." Heheheheheheheh. (Evil cackles provided by a currently non-weaving intermediate weaver who hasn't woven for about 30 years, has a 36" loom biding its time in the back of her closet, and remembers a weaving class where three of us were warping a loom with 210 ends...each 21 yards long.) Heheheheheheh.

You gonna clue us in as to what kind of loom, the mfr. and other suchlike details when you get a chance to breathe? ;)
You have competition from over here for sugar daddies. So watch your back.
You just need to be a kept woman. Someone to pay the bills, buy the fiber, and come over for the occasional old-rich-man-quickie. I'm pretty sure if you and I teamed up we'd do WELL.
ok, woman. here's what ya do. divorce ben, marry for money, keep ben around to take care of her highness, and then weave to your hearts content!
Keep Ben. What we need is a commune. Get a bunch of acres, some fiber animals, grow our food and have all the time in the world to spin and knit and weave. My idea of utopia.
Weaving doesn't trip my trigger, but knitting and spinning? I'm so right there. The commune thing sounds good. The older kids watch the young'uns and the adults knit and spin, right?
The commune sounds more realistic. It's rather disheartening to think that I'll never be a trophy wife. Damn, another career door slammed closed.
Ha. There's a reason everytime I see spindles or wheels I Back Away Slowly and Flee.
I'm planning very shortly to adopt a very, very rich and extremely old and infirm uncle. Who has no children. So I can live in a manner to which I'd like to become accustomed.
You need someone to set you up in a yarn shop.
When I was very young in Paisley we had a little wool shop in Gauze Street called "Dora`s" It sold very good quality yarn and was notorious as a hotbed of sin because everyone knew that Dora had been set up in that shop by her Fncy Man.
I can remember my mother telling me never to set foor in that shop, not even for top quality four-ply.
Personally I always thought Dora had it made.
Just remember, any woman looking for a husband has obviously never had one. Unless she's a moron who's had two in which case she should just be put out of her misery in whatever manner seems appropriate before she can do a it a third time. FYI, sugar daddies are overrated.
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