Thursday, January 18, 2007


Crazy Wool

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OK, so I finally took some photos and here is a picture of "Blatant Violation", dyed by me a couple of days ago. It's chunky, it's soft, and it's bright as hell -- the stuff that shows blue in the picture is actually a deep purple and the "pink" is bright coral.

I've got 5 100-yard skeins at $20 and 3 50-yard ones at $10 (plus postage) and if I can ever get my lazy ass organized I'll put it on the clickything at the side. If you are interested before that let me know.

edit: as the very astute Helen pointed out, the smaller skeins are, in fact, 50 yards, not five. um, yeah, it's nice wool (it's from New Zealand, I don't think I mentioned that) and very very soft but not worth anywhere near $2 a yard. thank you Helen!

I think you mean "3 50-yard ones at $10", not 5-yard ones. I mean, it's gorgeous yarn but you're probably not charging $2 per yard.
Love the colors!

But Helen might just be right.
I've seen this one in the flesh and it is gor-geous! So soft and the colors a very vibrant!
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