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Well I'd just love to be witty but the front of my head still feels like someone took a couple of swings with a bat or something (and unfortunately may not be a lot more attractive than that) and because a Certain Small Tangle-Haired Pain In The Ass (heretofore referred to as Her Surreal Highness) wouldn't let me nap before work I'm unable to take any ibuprofen for it (zonks me out, and I was tired to start with) so yeah, that's not happening.

I had a good visit this afternoon with Heather, during which I got to show off the cable cast-on and knitting in the round, and then toddled out to pick up two (delicious!) prizes for the hat challenge from Karen (who I insisted on calling Nancy. She graciously refrained from poking me in the nose, which, in my condition is fortunate). Oh yes, and I fell down in the snow again, this time trashing my right leg. Another bruise but we'll have to wait a day or so and see if it resembles a country again.

So anyhow, I have little to offer in this witless condition, but I did want to remind everyone that seeing Farm Witch is so relentlessly, charmingly scattered, there is still a little time left to Knit for the Kidlets. I have one little turquoise hat done already (Scheepjeswol) and cast on a pink one today which I anticipate finishing in a couple more hours.

There will be hilarity, inappropriate photographs of damage to body parts and relentless, nauseating do-gooding in a future post. For now, I think I'm just going to attempt to knit without poking my eye out or something.

You are about the only person I know who can get repeatedly injured doing "good works."

Something about no good deed going unpunished springs to mind.
Oh dear, more damage? My sympathies! But ok, see, obviously you're not drinking enough while there's snow on the ground. You need to get a counter-wobble or something going on, such as I've heard is used while on cruise ships. The idea being that presumably, the drunken swaying counteracts the ship's rolling. (We shall ignore the fact that one also hears those big cruise ships have some sort of techy thingy called 'stabilizers' which theoretically produce some sort of anti-gravity effect. I wouldn't know, but I hear rumors.) I would seriously check into that if I were you. Maybe something heavy duty from, say, Sweden or such. All those Scandihoovians seem to manage to stay upright, on boats or snowy land; there's gotta be something behind it.

Personally, I haven't dared step outside. I'd go ass over teakettle in about 2 seconds, and I've got a lot of ass. The thought is just too horrifying.
Personally, I am getting so tired of falling and waiting for the bruise reality that I am considering wearing padding...which, in my physical state, would be a true nightmare.
Can't WAIT to see what state (or country) that bruise resembles this round!

In the meantime, is there anyone NOT collecting hats these days? :)
Your poor face! Been there, done that, hated it. Stay warm and safe, try not to let the universe knock you on your ass again, and get well soon.
Don't tell anyone, but Rabbitch is a very charming lady and the child is adorable (just ask my dog)! She also looks much younger in person than in her blog picture and I'm not just saying that to suck up.
It was fun meeting you both in person yesterday. I hope your leg at least shows a bruise of somewhere warm, say, the Hawaiian Islands or Fiji.
My money is on Chicago, or at the very least Illinois.

Hope you start feeling better though, that bat-to-the-nose feeling is an awful one.
Dang. I do hope you feel better soon.
Congratulations on the increasing totals on your 2007 Finished Object list. I hope the end is very near for adding to one category of FO's though. Hope you feel better soon and have no more falls this winter. Jennifer in Oak Park
Poor baby. Maybe if the bruise looks like, say, Brad Pitt or the BVM you could sell a photo of it on eBay and retire.

I read the darned post twice and couldn't find any anti-Norma-isms. Rrrrr.
I saw a possible anti-Norma-ism, but I regret to say that I've been reading with a forgiving eye lately and not catching everything I NORMAlly would.

That's not like me, but I've got good excuses.

Man, it's sad to hear that you wiped out again. I won't laugh, since we just got a few inches dumped on us here yesterday. I sure hope you're learning to fall gracefully, or at least with flare.
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