Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Blogger Nonsense

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Yeah, I switched to the new Blogger and it still hates my ass. It's something about the Picasa dealie but anyhow I can't figure it out; a) because i don't really care that much and b) because I'm here for cute, not for smart.

So I opened a Flickr account and now I just have to figure out how to post here from there.

Oh. Dude. That was easy. Viola, feast your eyes on my Christmas Turkey Pie.

And now I'm going to sleep for an hour before going to The Dungeons of Zatar or wherever the hell it is I'm working these days (can you tell there are work issues? I'm startled -- I'm usually so subtle.)

And now I actually know what I'm doing, there will be hatstuff tomorrow. There have been more arrivals. Lots more. Like another 30 or something.

And there are more prizes 'cause y'all rock pretty damned hard. It's going to snow tonight. I'm going to take photos before I head out because I suspect there will be a sack or two of hats that may make it to one of the shelters on the way in to work tonight.

Wow - who would've thought you could bake construction paper and not set it on fire.

Hey, wait, are those rodenty pawprints in the corner of the one on the left?
How can I comment after what Carol just said?
Oh, no shit.
What Carol #2 just wrote.
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OK, I've had a night's sleep and baked construction paper aside, I'd give up some yarnie goodness for one of those christmas turkey pies right about now. I love turkey pot pies and I think yours look great.
Ummmm....they look delicious.
But, Viola ain't here. (The word you want is Voila--with an accent over the "a") *Runs and hides under the rabbit hutch with the other rats*
So, although I did catch the goof when I initially read the post...is anonymous going point out the goofs now? hmmmmmmmmm?
Why don't you post your photos usin Blogger? It's been working pretty well for me, esp. in the new Blogger. And the photos fit better than they do when I use flikr. If that made sense...
Man, those Turkey Pies lookum yum.

Blogger will only make you mad if you let it (that's what my mom would tell me). Good for you for figuring out the Flickr deal - those pies were worth posting.

Aaaand, now I'm hungry.
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