Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Blogger Down!

No, Blogger itself isn't down, I am.

I don't know if it's the fact that my face still hurts (not badly but enough to make me pissy), my house is a mess, I'm dealing with a whole lotta hassles not of my own making (and being penalized while being without fault), the fact that my stomach was too upset for me to go into work last night (and my brain is still too upset to go in today, if the truth be told, but I'm going anyhow), the fact that my hypothetical "to do" list is so long that I'm totally immobilized and can't even MAKE the list or the fact that I'm knitting a 420-stitch mitred square blanket in acrylic (only my daughter could make me do this) but I'm definitely in a mire of quags over here.

It could be the impending birthday, but numbers don't bother me so it's unlikely to be that. It could be the S of PM but I don't speak of such bodily functions here (that's what LiveJournal is for, and really if you start talking about that, how long is it until you start keeping a poop journal or something?) it could be any of a number of things, but no matter what's caused it, I'm definitely on the dark side of perky here.

the observant may note that the dead rat count has reached four. i feel like a bit of an ass and humbly prostate myself in front of all those who implied that they travel in packs. apparently this is so, although i have found no more poop and heard no more scurryings for the last day and a half, so perhaps the assault is over

It could possibly even be the fact that my husband is looking at changing his work schedule and if so he will likely be going back to days. This would solve many of our financial and scheduling-related problems, however it adds the problem of needing another adult in the house four mornings a week from 5:45 to 6:30am. I believe that the only solution to this is to see if a college student wants to come and stay here and in return for a free room (and heat, light, hot water, laundry and internet access) be the third adult. Not a bad deal, really; 12 hours a month of work (while sleeping) plus perhaps one or two nights of babysitting a month so we can go out, and a little light housekeeping in return for not paying rent. The problem is that despite my ramblings here, I'm actually a very private person and the thought of having someone else in my house (coupled with the thought of having to take all of my crap out of that room) horrifies me.


Anyhow, no tripping of the light fantastic or amusing falling-in-the-snow accidents here today. Just doom and gloom. Several other bloggers seem to be experiencing the same feelings of angst/ennui/buckets of shit, so maybe there's something in the air.

Or, you know, I could just be a great big loser with a messy house. I don't know what their excuse is.

Stay tuned; it's gotta get better.

I have heard that women who live in close quarters often find their menstrual cycles sync up. Maybe there's a similar buckets-of-shit phenomenon among bloggers?
If it makes you feel any better, I slipped in a puddle of dog pee and fell on my ass this morning. Luckily no bones were broken, either mine or the dog's.
My poor Rabbitch. I hope you feel better soon. My husband tried to talk me into the live-in person/babysitter thingy once upon a time and it totally bugged me out!

sleeep sleeep
I have suffered for years from houseinamess syndrome fed not only by my "junque" everywhere but that of the previous generation as well.

I started watching "Clean Sweep" and it was life changing. I came to see that the stuff of the past choking every nook and cranny of the place was literally sucking the life out of my life.

Throw stuff out! Give it away! Make room for yourself and your creativity!

I spent time today taking photos of memory stuff and then jamming it into bags that a charity will pick up tomorrow. I feel fabulous for the effort! I can't recommend it highly enough!

(BTW I speak from experience when I say that vermin hunting is also much easier with less stuff around!)
sweetjeezelouise, I do so hope it gets better for you, I for one couldn't/wouldn't handle a live-in anything, oh no.
I'm gonna have to go with pacalaga's theory..the buckets-O-shit phenomenon. Sounds good to me.
Feel better soon, I'm waving that damned magic wand again...feel much better soon....

you really do have just the best WVs fhbtchft
Hey - chin up! "The sun'll come out tomorrow, betcher bottom dollar...that...tomorrow..." Hey! I was only kidding! Put down that bat.........!!

P.S. Hope the gloom lifts rapidly and that the bruise on your leg at least resembles someone famous when you squint really hard!
Poop journal! Yay!
Totally with you--I suspect that your perky and my perky have gone off on and extended drunk together. Dark cold time of year? House full of crap? Who knows? But you know, I find you pretty awesome even with your perky absconding with mine...
Don't worry, if you start keeping a poop journal on the blog, I'll snap you out of it by posting gross and vile farm birthing pictures in response.

the chaos fairy is definitely in high gear these days.....hope she leaves you alone soon.
Man, I wish you lived in Boston, I would totally be your live-in grad student/babysitter. I even have references! And my own yarn, which means no raiding yours!
HUUUUUUUUGS for Rabbitch!! Hang in there!
I stumbled on this at the Worsted Witch and just had to come back and cheer you up.


Or not. What the hell is with the idyllic picnic under the leafy tree in January?

Hope things improve for you soon - I'm still slogging through the debris in a house I'm ashamed to have company into. And we gave away 3/4 of our possessions last year, too. (Then again the new place has less than 1/4 the square footage, so perhaps the math does confirm the mess.)
Perky? It is JANUARY for pete's sake! Give yourself a break, have a cup of tea (or whatever) and exhale. It WILL get better, it always does.
JHC, I will NOT TOLERATE this from you, Missy! Nosiree! Buck up and fuggedaboudit! You're supposed to be the Other Do-Gooder Trollop. Well, maybe you've trolloped too much good. It's frickin' January, Woman. It's crappy for everybody. But your crap, it's SPECIAL.

It's January, the weather is, unfortunately, becoming seasonal, you've had a ton of stuff to deal with lately, who the heck said anybody could be perky? Critters can happen to anybody, and your messy house can't possibly be worse than mine. (No I'm not posting photos.)

You just need to get the right kind of grad student, and set up the house rules right away. (And I'd suggest a lock on the phone and the computer, just in case. We all fall in the face of temptation.)

May your bruise fade so quickly that the speed of vanishing is its most interesting feature.
May the bird of paradise fly up your nose! (In a good way, and gently, causing no discomfort to your healing dental work....)
You need a day off work and a trip to the spa. Just because.
Hilariously, my word verification is owbhoo.

Which appears to be a milder version of how you and I both feel lately. Bhoo is not exactly how I respond to Ow, you know?

Hang in, dude. Lots of love to you.
"on the dark side of perky"...DAMN, do I ever "get" that. One of the best things about January is that it ISN'T December.

I'm recommending Stash Groping & Dark Choc Gingers Therapy.
Kinda sounds like everything hitting the fanblades of your mind at once, to me. Dunno if it'd work for you, but when I get like that, I go read something totally engrossing. Of course, with a job, kid and husband... well. That could be kind of a problem. Maybe add some beer to Tanya's suggestion. (And I get creeped by the thought of someone living with me too. Especially after the Roomie From The Seventh Level of Hell after my husband died. Gahh.)
And just *what* do you have against Bowel Movement Logs? Hmph.

I'm so sorry life is sucking the big donkey dick (that's a technical term, you know) right now. I hope it gets better soon or I'll have to beat the crap out of someone. Uh, I have a little transference problem. Fuck the todo list for awhile. It'll keep. Wish I were closer so I could help with the occasional babysitting.

I'm going to start calling you the RatSlayer.
angst/ennui/buckets - right next to you there hon!
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