Monday, January 08, 2007


Back to Norma(l)

Well, normal for us. Which is to say not at all, really, except that the kid is in school again so now I can get a little sleep during the day. This will in no way make my posting more coherent.

note: while i appreciate everyone's concern regarding the rodents, please do not tell me there are more. there is no evidence of same. no faces peering down from high shelves (rats have startlingly small heads, i mistook the rat for a mouse), no faeces, no scrabbling, etc. etc. if another one shows up i will kill that one also but for the time being i'm not going on a witch- rat-hunt. and please don't tell me to get another cat because it rips my guts out and makes my cry hysterically and send out nasty emails. i will never have another cat as long as i have this husband. eleven years and eight months to go. not that i'm counting. if i had committed murder i'd be out faster than that.

So I dyed tons and tons of wool last night. I think about 670 yards. I'm pretty sure that my Colourway Consultant and I decided to call it "Blatant Violation", but it was like 4am or something and really it's all just a little vague. The name fits, though, so we'll go with that.

It's bright. I'm going to see if Blogger will let me upload a picture ...

Why no! No, it won't. I love Blogger so much (ASSMUPPETS) so you'll just have to take my word for it that if you like purple/coral/gold/mustard as a colour combination you'll love this yarn. Well crap, if I'm going to sell it I'll have to find a way to put up a picture anyhow. It should be dry tomorrow or Wednesday and I'll link off the clickything on the sidebar.

I'm heading to work shortly, having worked out a very unpleasant and uncomfortable childcare arrangement with a band of roving alcoholics my parents, so I can actually go make some cash. I'll post some pictures tomorrow (I can always link from my webspace thingie) so you can drool. Or scream.

Or both, really, if that's what tickles your fancy.

No rat comments, I promise.

If Blogger photo down load is giving you the same error message I'm getting, (dare I say it?) save your typing as "draft", close all windows. Re-freakin-boot for the 8th time this year already. Not that I'm annoyed or anything.

And it works like it's supposed to.

Between Blogger and Kodak, I may stop blogging!

My verification word is obscene! fyhqaqic
You know, I always find roving alcoholics to be the very best babysitters ;-)
Well, I,for one, am looking forward to my fancy being tickled with much drooling and screaming. Now, what about that colourway?
In my first year of home ownership for some reason the alley cat population was quite a bit higher than it has been since, and I used to find rat heads in my back sidewalk and driveway a lot. Just the head and nothing else, except for that one time. . . ugh. You're right, their heads are tiny. Tiny enough to almost not see before your shoe hits it.

Also: it's nice to know that I'm not the only one whose ("who's", mwah hah hah) spell check always wants to change Norma to Normal. My e-mail program clearly doesn't know Norma very well at all.

I hope nobody is eating and reading this, sorry. I mean about the rat head on the ground part, not about Norma.
Oooh...purple and coral and gold...I'm drooling already! Congrats on finishing off the rodent. You rock...again.
Assmuppets. ASre they a cuddlier version of Assbeagles?

I need a rundown of the varying degrees of assiness in all the ass terms, please.
I would suggest getting a photobucket account ( so that you can upload your photos from there and just TELL bloggers photo utility the address of the photo to insert in your posts.. rather than uploading to Blogger. It was the only thing that saved my remaining shread of sanity while I was on Blogger.
Photobucket or Flickr ... save your sanity ... aaaaaaah well, I mean save what's left of it.

Have you switched to the new Blogger?
Rhonda is right -- the new Blogger does pics, and much else, like a lamb. I had given up completely and was using Flickr for pictures, which is sort of slow and tedious. Now Blogger does it.
Yup, a free photo hosting service and either a link or a bit of HTML. (I snarfed a bit of code from Norma's site ages ago that I can send you if you like.)
So, um, what happens in 11 years and 8 months?
pacalaga, I would be guessing that the 'cutest little girl in the world ever' will be turning 18.
I see from the comments buttons that you have switched to the new Blogger, so it just stands to reason that Blogger likes me better than you.

I decided to start linking all my pictures back to my Flickr account even though I rarely have difficulties with Blogger (don't hate me). I just feel that a free blogging service will probably someday do something asshattish like retroactively eat all my pictures off its server. I haven't tried it yet, but Flickr says you're supposed to be able to post to Blogger from inside Flickr. That boggles me, but OK. What I do is this: from the photo page, I click on "All Sizes" (along the top edge of the photo), click on the Small size (240 x 180), then I go copy the HTML from the first text box under the picture. I put it right into the page where I want it to show up. To see the photo as I'm composing, I switch to "edit HTML" mode in Blogger, then switch back again. The photo is there now, instead of a block of HTML.

As an alternative, if you have Picasa (I do, and it's a Google product just like Blogger is), you can post to Blogger from there with pictures. Or, you're supposed to be able to.
WHAT?! Jodi wants me to eat rat heads???
Once again, I learn a new word.
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