Wednesday, December 27, 2006


Why I Love My Husband

This blog is my space to vent, and there are a few folks out there who have a serious hate on for my husband because of the things I've written.

And all of the things I've written are true, and I have been so seriously in hate with him more than once that I've planned an escape. But I'd like to post a few things that will explain why I stay.

Three or four Xmooses ago he bought me a box of chocolates from Over the Moon. Over the Moon is an amazing place here in Vancouver. They handmake their goods and I only know of one better in town. He gave me this big box and I handed it all around because I wanted everyone to know how good it was and just have a great big mouthful of chocolatey joy.

As we were going to bed that night, he gave me a tiny box from Over The Moon with four chocolates in it ... and he said it was just for me, because he knew I would have given all of the big box away. He knows me that well.

This xmoose he did it one better. He got a box of chocolates from Purdy's. Purdy's isn't as good as OTM but they have chocolate gingers. There are like six people in Canada who have a serious craving for candied ginger covered in dark chocolate. I happen to be one of them. I have no idea why Purdy's continues to make these as the market has to be miniscule but they do and I praise them for it.

So I have half a pound of these sitting on the coffee table, and I can go to bed in complete confidence that every single one that I leave there tonight will still be there in the morning.

All for me.

And ... and also too as well ... his mother sent us a huge box of presents ... toys, clothes, bla bla bla, and also a check for $100. We were talking about stuff and I said something about how I wished I had a swift because I had fucked up my back winding up some wool I had to dye, and he said that he had been trying to figure out how to get me a swift, but he didn't know how much it cost and where he could get one, and I said well they're $80 over at Birkeland but I can't do that for a couple of months ...

And he said well mom sent us $100, you can get a swift. And I said yes, that's nice, but it's for both of us and you won't use it and we should pay for the phone or something. And he said she would be pissed off if we spent it on the phone, and I need a swift and he would use it too (and I said no you wouldn't you ass, and he said well yes, I would watch you wind stuff and that's sort of sexy and then I slapped him).

So yeah. It would seem that not only did he buy me two books I've never read but I want to, and a whole box of chocolates that nobody will try to eat, but he also demands ... I mean Right. Fucking. Demands. ... that I buy a swift. With the xmoose money sent to us both.

So there are a lot of reasons. Let's not kill him this week, ok?

sounds like he's not so bad after all
Yeah, okay. That's pretty stinkin sweet. What a guy! Enjoy your chocolates, and here I am wallowing in jealousy over the swift... Good on ya, mate!
I would never presume to want to kill someone else's husband based solely on what she says in her blog. Mostly because I know that we rant about the bad stuff but don't often tell the good stuff, but also, because I've watched too many Dateline programs.
And using a swift IS sexy - you kinda get this wiggle-thing going on... ;-)
Best to you and M. Lapin, and the Lapinette.
Candied ginger covered in dark chocolate? OMG, that sounds wonderful, and I don't even like dark chocolate. But I do like candied ginger. Got me through morning sickness with my son.
The womance..... I love that.
Yup, your reasons are similar to the reasons I stay with mine. There are days when I wonder why I married him or if I should leave, but then he does stuff like that and I remember why I stay.
fair enough. next week then?
Those are some pretty dam good reasons to stay!
sounds like me and my hub. He's a wonderful man, thoughtful, smart, kind, and spendy on my behalf.
But I only seem to post when he's fucked something up.
I shall have to remember to post the good stuff too.
I got Ginger Altoids!

Bet you didn't even know they exist.

And I don't have to share either because they take the skin right off your lips and tongue. Yeh, that hot!
I bought chocolate covered gingers and ginger altoids for the man. it's all he wanted. there's a place here in georgia that makes them to order. mmmm.
Chocolate covered candied ginger...? I can't imagine quite what that would taste like, but you've got me wanting to try it now. Is it like a gingersnap/gingerbread flavor? I can kind of imagine that with chocolate. And now I want it.
Aww! Ok, he can live. Yay for the ginger and the swift, especially!!
You sound awfully nice tonight, you OK? Must be the ginger speaking. Hellova guy too!
Mr. Rabbitch is definitely a keeper. :-D Merry Everything-mas!
Actually, I like chocolate gingers too. Dark chocolate, please. We can't be the only two ginger chocie lovers in town: one of the old grand hotel restaurants served them as after dinner treats for years.

My mom gave me a box for Xmoose. Made me sorry for the meltdown on the 23rd.
My mother loved Purdy's dark chocolate ginger. She passed away in September, thank you for reminding me of another one of her quirks. =) Those and the dark chocolate maraschino cherries, mixed together in a one pound box every Christmas.
Just like a man to go and do something so nice just when you're ready to kill him! Seriously though, he sounds like a great guy; you should keep him (for a while longer anyway) :)
Yeah, they can just up and be so sweet and thoughtful...honestly, I figured your marriage was probably above average...and normal, ya know? Husbands....can barely live with them, can't rip their heads off...but then there are the times, and it's most of the time, you're really glad it's your particular dude there, in the here and now.
That's a good guy you've got there... a real keeper.
Yep, I have to agree, he's a keeper. To me it's those really sort of smallish things that are the biggest signs of love. It means someone knows you and deeply cares.

I'm sort of mushy and girlie now, must go roll about in some dirt.
All of that, also, how he explained where babies come from. I always wondered.....
Wow. You couldn't leave those chocolate-covered ginger things anywhere in this house... Yum!

Ain't Christmas wunnerful?
Sounds like a keeper, missy.
OH good.. its nice that we're not going to kill him this week because I don't have enough gas to drive up there and run him over. Maybe next week?
As for chocolate covered ginger; Laura Secord has it in both dark and milk. Altoids makes a ginger candy that they've got covered in chocolate for the holidays should you make it south to the USofA any time soon.
Honey, if we all wrote about the bone-head moves our spousal-units make there would be no room for fiber talk. Suffice to say all of us have "been there, done that" and we all know they have redeeming qualities, hence the survival of the species. ;-)
Damn! Guess I need to put the torches and pitchforks away?

Doesn't it piss you off when, out of nowhere, they do something selfless and thoughtful?

Mmmmmmm...LOVE the ginger chocs! If all chocs but gingers disappeared from the earth today I wouldn't be hurtin' :) And his insistence on the swift just might restore my faith that SOME men are worth the trouble. At the very least I might put off deciding to be done with them!
My husband used to say "you're no prize package either". He has now been gone two years and all I can tell each and every one of you is "GO HAVE AND LOTS OF IT". Merry Christmas
Good Grief - forgot to type in SEX. See what happens to widows.
Shelley, we knew what you meant...but how funny, I did...laugh.out.loud.

hey, Rabbitch, does your word verification have eyes or something?
fateh oh yeah.
Anyone who brings you chocolate covered ginger is worth keeping. I LOVE chocolate ginger!
Good gifts. My hubby told me to take a nap (while he watched the horror movie I got him) then made dinner. Steak, crab imperial, crab stuffed mushrooms, broccolli & baked tators. MMMMMH
Yes, I agree, he can live another few weeks. Swift, I sigh. My love decided to use some of the money her mother sent us to order me a ball winder. Yes, I have recently wound three hanks of Cascade 220 by hand. Shut up.
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