Monday, December 04, 2006


Wherein The Excitement is Almost Too Much

There has been much excitement Ch├ęz Lapin. Laundry has been done, dishes have been washed. Just a giddy whirl, I tellya.

Oh yes, and I slept like ten hours last night.

Hats have also been photographed. All of the "orphans" have been put up for your viewing pleasure, and the more recent arrivals will start appearing after I give my child something wholesome like left-over spaghetti and some green beans for dinner. (Call the Ministry).

My life is almost as exciting as Ann's. You'd almost think she was Canadian.

I've got 3 hats for you. I'm going to try like hell and get my butt to the post office in the morning. So hopefully that means it will be done by the end of the week. lmao I'm such a procrastinating pain in the butt.
you know, I clicked on that link expecting to be taken off to my exciting life. but no, I forgot I don't have an exciting life - over at my blog it's all pillows and Costco's return line.

Sleep is good. I can relate; I totally blew off a chat I host every Sunday by turning the alarms (3) off. In my sleep. Woke in an extremely muzzy state 10-1/2 hours after I'd fallen into bed. The adrenalin burst when you realize it's 3:35 p.m. and you were supposed to be online at 10 a.m. is just--uh, invigorating. Good thing I'm on disability and don't work! This way it's just the subsequent necessity of emailing people and reassuring 'em you're not dead, y'know? ;)

Congrats on the hats!
The navy hat to the right of center in the top picture is mine.

Barbara in Dunwoody
The hats all look wonderful, no matter who they belong to ... hope you get tons MORE to share with those who need warm ears this winter!
sounds like a perfectly reasonable and well balanced dinner to me! I teven contains vegetables - more than a lot of kids get!
We had a rockin' night too. I MADE DINNER (oooh ahh), and I actually shoved all the crap off the table and PUT ON A NEW TABLECLOTH. CAN IT GET ANY MORE EXCITING!!!???
You're like a different person on sleep.
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